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read It should be a major Coup for Apple: MacBook “assembled in the USA” – the company CEO Tim Cook promised in 2012 to the public in a TV Interview. For decades, Apple had shifted almost the entire production of its successful products to China. This is a fact that today the US President Donald Trump criticized on a regular basis. Four years before Trump moved into the White house, wanted to Apple to prove that electronic products can also be manufactured in the United States.

in The Austin, Texas-made MacBook at the time cost $ 3,000. However, the production was anything but smooth, as the New York Times, researched recently. Apparently, it was not possible to Apple a long time, the gear required to screw in a sufficient quantity to provide. There was a lack of suppliers that were capable of the required hardware. The production stopped for a long time. Seven years later, the U.S. MacBook is made still, however, the model has not been updated according to the New York Times since 2013, the sales figures are mau.

One could dismiss the Failure of the US MacBooks as a small anecdote of the Tech industry – or in a statement for the U.S. balance of trade deficit has reached, despite the protectionist policy of the US President in the past year, a ten-year high of 621 billion dollars. Above all, the trade gap with China – the more than two-thirds of the total deficit amounts to – is Donald Trump a horror. He was taken with the promise to reduce the size of the trade deficit. Shortly before Thursday’s start of trade talks with the Beijing government tweeted Trump on Monday again about the trade deficit: “We will not allow that to happen”.

The gap is primarily caused by the mass import of consumer electronics such as Smartphones and computers, the US company almost exclusively in Southeast Asia. In this product segment, the US imported 2018 to a value of nearly 213 billion dollars from China. An iPhone made in the USA – should be able to back the conditions, but at least a little.

The United States production chains

Donald Trump is not the first President, came to this simple idea are missing. In 2011, his predecessor, Barack Obama, Apple CEO Steve Jobs asked: “What it takes to make iPhones in America?” Jobs’ short answer: “These Jobs are not coming back.”

Wayne Lam looks so. “The relocation to the far East is a natural history of globalisation”, says the Analyst for wireless communication from the information service, IHS, Markit. Lams arguments for the relocation of jobs to sound familiar. In China, the wages are simply lower. However, this is only part of the truth. Because Apple’s problems with the US-MacBook came not alone from the cost of production. It, apparently, was simply impossible, in the USA, a reliable production chain.