As a result of the Russian war of aggression against Ukraine, US authorities want to confiscate two planes belonging to the oligarch Roman Abramovich.

It is a so-called Dreamliner, a Boeing 787-8, and a private jet manufactured by Gulfstream, which together are worth around 400 million US dollars (a good 370 million euros), the Justice Department said on Monday.

An order from the judiciary gives the US authorities the right to confiscate the Russian’s aircraft, it said. The US export controls imposed because of the war, which also affect aircraft mostly manufactured in the USA, serve as a handle for this.

Abramovich’s Boeing is currently in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates, the Gulfstream machine is in the Russian capital Moscow, the Ministry of Justice said. It initially seemed at least unclear whether and when the US authorities could get hold of the aircraft. At the same time, it will probably be difficult to use the machines internationally in the future.

Because Abramovich’s planes were used internationally in March without a special permit from the responsible authority of the US Department of Commerce, the authority also opened a procedure that could lead to a fine.