It just can’t go on like this. Germany is not only a laughing stock internationally, and the federal government is discrediting itself. The talk is – once again, still – of arms deliveries to Ukraine.

Chancellor Olaf Scholz and his party, the SPD, are doing just as much, allowing just as much, as is necessary to be able to counter international inquiries about their position. But the pressure is increasing. Because Ukraine’s losses are also due to the lack of heavy weapons.

All the pleas and begging from Ukrainian representatives up to and including the president have been of no use. “Gepard” anti-aircraft tanks are not there even after months, sufficient ammunition is still being sought, and there is no sign of the Panzerhaubitze 2000 either.

And (even decommissioned) armored personnel carriers or battle tanks should not exist. Instead, fuses and grenades are currently on offer, “miniature devices”. And that shouldn’t be embarrassing?

No wonder the Ukrainians are furious with Germany and expect “honest answers,” like their foreign minister recently in Berlin. Indeed, it is not okay to proclaim something that you can – or want to – keep.

Not that there was a formal NATO decision not to equip Ukraine with western-style armored personnel carriers or main battle tanks. First of all, each nation still decides for itself.

Secondly, M113 tanks have already been delivered. The military department describes them as armored personnel carriers and wounded transporters; In the past, however, they were definitely used as armored personnel carriers, for example by the Italians and the Dutch.

And then it is now clear that the USA will soon be delivering heavy equipment, artillery and tanks. In Germany, on the other hand, resentment obviously reigns supreme. The loss of reputation this causes for the country and the government is self-inflicted.

To make matters worse: The Bundestag has asked the federal government to supply the necessary heavy weapons without restrictions. That doesn’t happen. In doing so, the federal government is violating a binding decision by Parliament. This can still end in a committee of inquiry. If this continues.