The U.K. has eliminated China’s state-owned TV station of its own broadcasting permit, after an investigation found that the permit holder lacked editorial management and had connections into China’s ruling Communist Party

U.K. authorities stripped China’s state TV station of its federal broadcasting permit on Thursday, following an investigation cited lack of data management and links into China’s ruling Communist Party.

The communications watchdog, Ofcomsaid that it frees the U.K. permit for China Global Television Network, or CGTN, a global English language satellite news station.

CGTN was accessible on pay and free TV from the U.K.. It didn’t respond instantly to requests for comment.

Regulators began looking into the channel after getting a complaint from an individual rights group, Safeguard Defenders, calling for an investigation to its own ownership.

Ofcom is also ongoing to explore a ton of different ailments which it violated rules on equity and precision. One was from a former British Consulate worker in Hong Kong who stated that he had been arrested and tortured by Chinese authorities for advice on protesters. Another was British company investigator who said that he had been made to acknowledge while imprisoned in China. CGTN didn’t respond to requests for comment about those claims in the moment, and Ofcom stated its rulings are still pending.

The U.K. watchdog said that it discovered the thing that held the channel’s permit, Star China Media Limited, did not have editorial responsibility to CGTN’s outputsignal, and it will be a licensing requirement. Star China was only the station’s supplier and not one of the workers involved with daily operations or decision were its workers.

A program to transfer the permit to China Global Television Network Corporation as a member of a planned restructuring was refused since”crucial information” was lacking, Ofcom stated. However, in addition, it failed”since we believe that CGTNC will be disqualified from holding a license, since it’s commanded by a body that is ultimately controlled by the Chinese Communist Party,” it stated.

The watchdog said it gave CGTN”considerable time” to comply but these attempts”have been drained.”

“After careful consideration, taking account of all of the facts along with the broadcaster’s and viewer’s rights to freedom of expression, we’ve determined it’s appropriate to revoke the license for CGTN to broadcast at the U.K.,” Ofcom said.

In another instance, Ofcom said it hopes to decide shortly on sanctions for CGTN for violating impartiality principles in policy of Hong Kong pro-democracy protests.

Losing its own British broadcasting permit is a significant drawback for CGTN, that is a crucial component of the Chinese administration’s drive to expand its delicate power and burnish its image overseas.

CGTN could appeal the decision by submitting an application for a judicial review. It might also attempt to get back the license by resubmitting its program with evidence that it is editorially independent, Ofcom stated.