Uber’s Latest Feature: A Greener Choice for Riders

Uber has recently introduced a new feature on its app that allows riders to select a hybrid or electric car when ordering a ride. This initiative, known as ‘Rider Emissions Savings’, aims to inspire Australians to make more environmentally friendly choices while traveling. With the new options of Uber Green and Comfort Electric, passengers can now see the amount of CO2 emissions they have saved by choosing a sustainable vehicle.

Under the Uber Green option, customers have the choice of riding in an electric or hybrid vehicle at the same cost as an ordinary UberX. On the other hand, the Comfort Electric option offers riders a fully-electric car that has completed at least 100 rides and maintained a rating of 4.85 stars. This innovative approach not only promotes eco-friendly transportation but also encourages users to consider their environmental impact and embrace a lower-emissions lifestyle.

Anna Brito, the head of Sustainability, Strategy, and Planning at Uber Australia and New Zealand, expressed the company’s commitment to making it easier for Australians to choose greener alternatives. By introducing these new features, Uber hopes to inspire riders to rethink their habits when it comes to sustainable travel. The app also allows passengers to track the amount of CO2 emissions saved during their trips compared to traditional UberX or Uber Comfort rides.

In the first quarter of 2024, Australians took over 1.8 million electric vehicle trips using more than 4,000 EV Ubers, resulting in over 20,000 zero-emission trips daily. While electric vehicles accounted for four percent of Uber drivers’ kilometers during this period, the company aims to eliminate tailpipe emissions entirely by 2040. This move aligns with the growing trend towards eco-friendly transportation and the increasing interest in electric and hybrid vehicles among Australian drivers.

Recent research by Pureprofile revealed that more than half of Australian drivers plan to purchase a new car in the next year, with 30 percent considering an electric model and 20 percent opting for a hybrid vehicle. The study highlighted potential fuel savings, environmental benefits, and energy efficiency as key factors driving the shift towards electric cars. However, concerns about high purchase prices and the cost of living remain obstacles to widespread adoption.

Despite government incentives and rebates aimed at promoting electric vehicle uptake, some consumers are hesitant due to financial constraints. The introduction of new laws to expand the availability of electric vehicles in Australia has led to a significant increase in EV sales, with electric cars accounting for nearly 10 percent of new car purchases. In addition, sales of hybrid vehicles have doubled in the same period, indicating a growing preference for greener transportation options.

Overall, Uber’s latest feature marks a significant step towards promoting sustainable travel and encouraging riders to make greener choices. By offering hybrid and electric vehicle options, the company is not only reducing emissions but also raising awareness about the environmental impact of transportation choices. As more Australians embrace eco-friendly alternatives, the shift towards sustainable mobility is expected to accelerate, paving the way for a greener future for all.