The united states government, president Nicolás Maduro of Venezuela, and other high-ranking Venezuelan government officials on Thursday indicted for “narco-terrorism”.

in Addition to Maduro, a dozen or so, other suspects have been charged with the Venezuelan minister of Justice and the president of the Supreme court, and members of the Colombian rebellengroepering SAID.

According to the lawsuits was Maduro, during his political rise, in Venezuela, is at the head of a drug cartel by the name of Cártel de los Soles, which is operated by the SAID order, “the United States of america to ‘invade’ with cocaine’.

now, Maduro should, in the last two years, among others, have been involved in the smuggling of tons of drugs that they are SAID to have been produced, with the Colombian group of the advanced guns have a place and a political power is used to create large-scale drug trafficking in the region, and to facilitate it.

The U.s. state department offers a reward of 15 million us dollars (13.6 million euros), awarded for tips leading to the arrest and conviction of the Maduro.

The Venezuelan government had not yet responded.

Maduro previously accused of involvement in the drug trade

The president of Venezuela, that is, by critics, been accused of being involved in the international drug trade. He would use it to make up for the loss of oil revenues, the economy of the country is particularly dependent on it.

Maduro’s former executive vice president, Tareck El Aissami, was in New York last year indicted for drug trafficking, and two of my cousins are prison sentences in the united states. They tried to get 20 million dollars of drug money go to Venezuela to smuggle in to their uncle’s illness.

the President has the reins still in the hands of
The government of Venezuela’s president, knew of the economic situation in the country is as a result of the decline in international oil prices aggravated by mismanagement. After the controversial general elections in 2018, which has been boycotted by nearly the entire opposition after opposition leader Juan Guaidó will act as interim president.

Guaidó is recognized by many countries, including the united states, and the European Union, and his opposition movement has failed to Maduro to continue. The president of Venezuela, has, among other things, the armed forces are still firmly in their hands.

The economic and political crisis, brought millions of Venezuelans to do to flee to neighbouring countries.