Two streets in Novosibirsk will repair in 2020 to commemorate the Victory — tell you what

Two streets in Novosibirsk it is planned to renovate within the framework of the Federal project “Street of Victory”, dedicated to 75-th anniversary of Victory in the great Patriotic war and is held all over Russia.

this was announced by the Minister of transport and road economy of the Novosibirsk region Anatoly Kostylevskiy.

— the project we are talking not only about those streets in the title has the word “Victory”, is including streets that are named after heroes of world war II. We have planned to repair in Novosibirsk, together with the municipality we were working on two streets — Gromov and Seleznev. Those heroes, thanks to which, in particular, had won a great Victory. This work will continue by far, not only in 2020, we will lead it in subsequent years, too.