The wave of travel at Pentecost led to dense crowds on the platforms and full trains at Berlin Central Station. After the start of the 9-euro ticket, there was a great rush on the regional trains to Stralsund and Rostock on Saturday morning.

There were delays, as a dpa reporter observed. Numerous travelers could not find a seat and stood in the aisles. Because the RE5 regional train to Rostock was overcrowded, travelers with bicycles could not board.

Federal police officers were increasingly on the platforms. A spokesman for the Berlin Federal Police Directorate said there was a high number of travelers. A particularly high occupancy rate is expected because of the 9-euro ticket.

“We are in constant contact with the employees of the railways in order to support their measures – if necessary,” said the spokesman. Officials would have already helped on Friday when trains to Stralsund and Rostock were overcrowded at Berlin-Gesundbrunnen station. Travelers were asked to disembark.

According to the RBB, an apparently overcrowded train had to be stopped at Berlin-Gesundbrunnen station on Friday afternoon. The RE5 to Rostock stood in the station for about an hour and then continued.

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As the “Berliner Morgenpost” reported, the first train in the direction of Rostock had to stop involuntarily in Kratzeburg in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania on Saturday due to a door malfunction. The train was also overcrowded and the staff could not get to the switch cabinets to clear the regional train if necessary, writes the “Morgenpost”.

Pentecost is usually always busy on the railways. This year, the 9-euro ticket will be added, with which holders can travel throughout Germany on local public transport in June, July and August.