Police and prosecutors said that two Long Island nurses were arrested for allegedly creating fake vaccination cards and taking more than $1.5million from the scheme. CBS New York reports that the owner and employee of Wild Child Pediatric Healthcare Amityville was allegedly able to forge vaccination cards and pocket more than $1.5 million from the scheme. DeVuono is also charged with offering false documents for filing. Both were arraigned Friday.

Michael Alber, Urraro’s lawyer, advised people not to rush to judgement about the allegations. He said that Urraro is a respected nurse.

He said Saturday that he was looking forward to highlighting legal impediments as well as the flaws of the investigation. “It is our hope that an accusation doesn’t overshadow Miss Urraro’s good work for children and adults in medicine.

DeVuono’s lawyer received a message seeking comment.

Raymond Tierney, Suffolk County District Attorney, said that DeVuono (a nurse practitioner) and Urraro (a licensed practical nurse) gave out fake vaccination cards. They charged $220 for adults and $85 to children. He said that DeVuono (a nurse practitioner) and Urraro (a licensed practical nurse) entered false information into the state’s immunization database.

Prosecutors claimed that the nurses created a fake card that showed that a vaccine had been given to an undercover detective, but did not administer the vaccine to the detective.

DeVuono was searched by law enforcement officers. They found $900,000.00 in cash and a ledger that showed profits of over $1.5 million. The scheme began in November 2021.

Tierney, along with other officials, said that he hoped Tierney’s statement would send a message that others are not gaming the system and that they will be caught.

Rodney Harrison, Suffolk County Police Commissioner, said, “As nurses these two individuals should understand how important it is to have valid vaccination cards, as we all work together for public health.”

CBS New York reports that small-scale business owners near the clinic suspect something is amiss due to the high foot traffic.

Erin Bevilacqua stated, “It’s terrifying beyond words, but I’m glad it has been ended.” “Break laws, make fake vaccines. It is very disheartening.

According to the station, the anti-vaccine protest was part of a Long Island parents’ rights rally earlier in the week. Many took their children to school to march for freedom of choice regarding mask wearing and mandates over COVID-19 vaccinations.