Two goals Holland brought Borussia's victory over PSG

In Dortmund ended the second match of the day football Champions League. Local “Borussia” took French “Paris Saint-Germain.” More than hour rivals, that is, “drove the car”, but then within 8 minute set the final score at 2: 1 in favor of the home team.

the Main intrigue of the confrontation between Dortmund and Paris at the first stage of the playoffs of the main European football tournament many experts thought the arrival of former Dortmund head coach Borussia Dortmund, Thomas Tuchel led the French Champions. Will the new team the German specialist to beat the old one? The question after the first match was left without a clear answer.

the Game was uneven. Almost an hour opponents as if they are looking at each other, and actually cared more about defense than attack. However, on 69 minutes, managed a good goal for Norwegian rookie of the owners Jolanda, the Germans led 1-0, but the game is revealed.

the Parisians, led by their main star Brazilian Neymar rushed to recoup and they did it in 6 minutes: the Ambassador Neymar and the ball in Borussia. But this evening the audience was not destined to see the draw. The same Holland in 2 minutes scored the second goal and set the final score – 2:1 in favor of the German club.

the Result of this, of course, leaves the chances of one team. Dortmund can be happy that led to the two-legged tie. The French have two modest reason for joy: they have lost the minimum before the home game and also scored a goal in the guests, so even the score 1:0 in Paris they are quite satisfied. Another thing is that this goal the players, “Paris Saint Germain”, still need to score…