The TV In the huge tv is on offer today, it is sometimes difficult to get the wood for the trees can still be seen. Therefore, to serve you each and every night, some of the screen-any tips for that your choice may be easier. A lot of fun! ‘(h)ALLOOMEDIA’, 21u45 on tv

From ‘(a)ALLOOMEDIA the ” Luk Alloo again showbizzmagazine to be on the air. This is undoubtedly great television returns, since we don’t need you as a showbizzredactie, of course, is not to convince you. For example, we have last week’s very, very hard to be able to laugh with the character in which Luke and Bart De Wever of the fight as the Romans. Whether this was so funny, it is, you’ll find it from 21u45 on tv.

‘Bake Off ‘ in Flanders’, 20u35 Four