Tumors, stones and the pain can not be afraid: laser surgery in urology and Oncology has made a breakthrough

urinary Stone disease (kidney stones, bladder, ureter), benign and malignant tumors of the kidney, liver, bladder, prostate, these unpleasant and sometimes terrible problems with the introduction of laser therapy is not scary, successfully resolving even the most difficult cases. Operations become more gentle, organ-sparing, and proper rehabilitation allows patients to return to normal life in the shortest possible time.

Laser technology for kidney stones

— Laser lithotripsy (breaking the stone) allows an experienced specialist to complete the crushing of rocks of almost any density and any location literally in the dust, without affecting the bladder, kidneys, urinary tract, — says Pavel Andreevich Gavrilov, urologist-andrologist, surgeon, oncologist, head of surgical Department of “Clinic Pasman”. — Then these grains of sand and the dust out during operation, while the patient is under anesthesia and feels no pain.

If before the stone was crushed, and the fragments had to be pulled — this meant an extra injury of the ureter, today the injury is excluded. No fragments of stone remain in kidney. The patient is not experiencing pain.

Laser in surgery for tumors of the kidney, liver, and prostate

— the Second very important area of laser treatment surgical, it allows for the dissection of soft tissues, coagulation to stop bleeding, removal of benign and malignant tumors in the bladder, kidneys, liver, and prostate. Used including removal of the prostate gland.

Helps to achieve good results as during laparoscopic operations and open resections, such as the treatment of metastases in the abdomen and in the treatment of liver, kidney, etc.

the Use of surgical laser facilitates the work of the surgeon and extends its capabilities: to reduce the time of surgery to keepet the risk of bleeding, improve the quality of tissue dissection, produces less trauma and more opportunities to perform organoboranes operation (does not delete on and to hold on to him a wider operation), reduces the risk of complications, improve rehabilitation and recovery.

— for Example, when the laser partial nephrectomy the bleeding is minimal, the operation will be performed much neater trauma to the kidneys will be minimal, moreover, the surgeon will be able to preserve a kidney, even if it is necessary to remove part of the kidney 4.5-5 cm, says Dr. Gavrilov. — The same functionality we get with the use of laser and tumors of the liver.

the Use of laser in surgery and Oncology allows you to undertake operations even in the most difficult cases, which previously would not operate, and opens up new possibilities for patients with cancer of the liver, kidney, bladder, prostate.

— do Not be afraid of operations. They are short and painless. Conducted under anesthesia is very high quality, which is easily tolerated. It is important to remember that all diseases in the early stages, including cancer, are treated. Therefore, it is crucial to visit a doctor, — says Pavel Andreevich Gavrilov. in addition, it is important to know that many diseases that sound like a death sentence, so long are not successfully treated, and after they can return to normal life.

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