Weapons 18/01/20 Photo: defense Ministry”Tulip”: destroyed “dushmans” the most powerful mortar in the world

This self-propelled mortar was adopted by the Soviet Army in the early 70-ies of XX century. And showed himself as an effective weapon in the most painful points of the Soviet Union and post-Soviet Russia in Afghanistan and Chechnya.

For what it was intended and what can

As the historian of Russian weapons Alexander Karpenko, this tracked self-propelled gun began to be developed Ural OKB-3 in the mid 60-ies. At the same time created such famous Soviet artillery systems like howitzers “Gvozdika and Akatsiya.

“Tulip” was originally intended to engage targets in combat conditions involving special circumstances – mortar “2S4” had to destroy objects that are inaccessible to grazing fire other types of artillery. And during the Soviet era, and now “the Tulip” as a combat unit is unique, this unique mortar: it is a maneuverable off-road machine capable of crossing contaminated terrain, and choice of position not a problem for her. Hydraulics and electric drives increase the rate of fire three times in comparison with ordinary mortars.

Mounted on the machine body mortar, armor protected the crew, ammunition, equipment and components self-propelled mortar – all this ensures high performance of “Tulip” in combat. In addition to the 240-mm mortar self-propelled gun equipped with a PKT machine gun, controlled remotely. “Tulip” is capable of firing both conventional and nuclear munitions.

according to Karpenko, “Tulip” most effectively demonstrated its military power in Afghanistan, during a stay there as part of the limited contingent of Soviet troops (1979 – 1989).

As he worked in Afghanistan and Chechnya

Publicist Vladimir Black in the anthology “the Commissar of Military commentator” writes that the greatest track record at Samvhodnogo mortar “Tulip” was Afghanistan. Mortar with an armored chassis and a crew of 5 people were transported forty-130-pound mines can hit targets at a distance of 9.6 km. Battery, armed SM 2S4, was mobile and capable of providing maximum range even in the mountainous terrain of Afghanistan, which often contributed to the successful completion of the 40-th army. “Tulips” mostly smashed the strongholds of spooks, their emplacements on the ridges and in the villages, in caves and stone rubble.

Mines “Tulip” destroyed the strengthening of the Mujahideen, not “stuck” in them, as 122-mm high-explosive shells. And if in the caves and towers of stone, which was hidden spooks, “Tulip” gets corrected mine with laser guidance 3Ф5 “Daredevil”, then you can be sure – the goal will be absolutely amazed.

Black cites the example of the storming of the fortress in Scaricarli valley in 1985, in which dwelt a detachment of Ahmad Shah Massoud. The spooks then had 2 ANC, 7 RPG and machine guns. To eliminate this source of resistance has instructed the battalion commander Anatoly Beletsky. The Lieutenant had the battery “Tulips”. After a single sighting shot high-explosive she hooked up with “Brave,” which in 12 minutes destroyed the entire fortress. As shown, for SM 2S4 in similar conditions just a few-three sighting high-explosive mines and a maximum of two damaging “Daredevil” – “Tulip” solves the following tasks for 10 – 15 minutes.

“Red star” described as “the Tulip” denounced the militants in Chechnya during the second campaign. Concrete fortifications in the mountainous villages did not respond 152-mm howitzers. Rushed from Siberia “Tulips” in just a few days smashed the fortresses.

Nicholas Syromyatnikov

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