This weekend, former President Donald Trump will be back on the rally stage. It will be his first campaign-style event since leaving White House. He is fulfilling his promise to exact revenge upon those who voted to impeach him in his historic second impeachment.

Trump will hold an event at Ohio’s Lorain County Fairgrounds on Saturday in support of Max Miller, a former White House adviser who is challenging Republican Rep. Anthony Gonzalez to his congressional seat. Gonzalez was among 10 GOP House members that voted to impeach Trump because he incited the Jan. 6 deadly insurrection at Capitol Building.

Trump demands they pay.

Five months after Trump resigned, the rally marked the start of a new phase in his presidency. Trump plans to make a series of public appearances over the next few weeks after spending most of his time building a political campaign and fuming about last year’s election. Trump will hold a rally in Florida on the Fourth weekend, unattached as a candidate for the midterms. Next week, he will be traveling to the southern border to protest President Joe Biden’s immigration policies.

Trump faces immediate legal trouble as a result of the rally. Manhattan prosecutors advised his company that they could soon face criminal prosecution arising from a broad-based investigation into the business dealings of the former president. According to sources familiar with the matter by The New York Times, the Trump Organization could face criminal charges as soon as next week. Trump denies that the investigation is anything more than a witch hunt aimed at damaging him politically.

Trump is still polarizing, but he is very popular with the Republican base. Candidates have visited his Florida and New Jersey homes to seek his endorsement, as he has attempted to position himself as the party’s kingmaker.

Trump stated that he will help Republicans regain control over Congress in the next year’s midterm elections. Trump’s efforts to recruit and support candidates to challenge incumbent Republicans that have crossed him have put him at odds to other Republican leaders, who are trying to unify the party following a difficult year in which they lost control over the White House and failed gain control of either the House or the Senate.

Nine of the 10 House Republicans that voted for Trump’s impeachment have so far drawn primary challengers. Trump offered to support any candidate who would challenge Rep. John Katko, reported.

Trump exclaimed, “We’re giving incredible endorsements”, Friday morning while he called the conservative Newsmax channel to explain his endorsement reasoning.

He said, “Fake Republicans. Anyone who voted for the impeachment does not get it.” But there weren’t many. They were all being primaried, I believe, and that is a good thing. Their opponent will be my help.”

Gonzalez, a former college football player and professional football player, stood by his vote for impeachment in the face of intense criticism from his party’s conservative wing. “>censure by Ohio Republican Party.

Trump is also obsessing over his ongoing attempts to reverse the results of the 2020 elections, which he claims he won. However, top election officials, his attorney general, and many judges have all said that there is no evidence to support his claim of mass voter fraud.

He told Real America’s Voice on Monday that he never conceded the race nor admitted defeat. He also suggested publicly that he might be re-elected to office even though there is no legal or constitutional basis.

He continues to hint at the possibility of a comeback bid for the White House in 2024. According to his aides, Trump will decide after the midterms next autumn. He was banned from Facebook and Twitter after Jan. 6.

Since Trump launched his 2016 campaign, Trump’s rallies have been a key part of his political brand. Former reality star is fired up by performing before his audience and will often test drive new material and talking points to gauge how well they are received. The events are also used by his political operation to gather critical voter information and for fundraising purposes.

They have also spawned , a group hardcore supporters, who traveled across the country to attend rallies and often stayed overnight to secure prime spots. As they reunited for this event, some of those supporters started by lining up in front of the venue early this weeks.