History 30/12/19 “Troops of death”: who is to blame for the deaths of 430 of Marines at Narva

the Commander of the Soviet Navy Nikolai Kuznetsov called this operation “error”, “miscalculation”. None of the senior officers responsible for the preparation and conduct of the landing of the Marines, dubbed “Marculesti (Narva) landing” (named after the Estonian town of Meriküla and Narva), the punishment of death in the middle of February 1944 more than 400 Marines and did not suffer.
the fault in this “blunder” the commanders of the Leningrad front and the Baltic fleet, also did not feel.

What happened

In the statement of the doctor of historical Sciences Mikhail monakova Marculescu the background of the landing the landing is. In February, the 2nd shock army tried to occupy the bridgeheads on the left Bank of the Narva river. Commander of the Leningrad front, General Govorov, Leonid verbally ordered to disembark the tactical Marines in the village of Meriküla.
integrated unit of paratroopers consisted of 517 soldiers, commanded them major Stepan Maslov. The final destination of the battle group were the Auvere station, the paratroopers were to seize and hold a strategically important area to wait for the main forces of the 2nd shock army. The Marines brought armored and armored small hunters, naval support was to be gunboats, minesweepers and motor boats-trawlers, and from the air was planned to cover the landing two dozen fighters.

the Landing took place under artillery fire of the enemy, and four boats almost immediately out of battle: two were destroyed, along with the sailors, the others riddled with shrapnel, he turned back with the troops. Nor fire, nor air support to paratroopers in the end had later explained that the relationship with the landed were absent, their radios didn’t work.
Mac writes that subsectionthe Ghost of Stepan Maslov, armed mainly with machine guns and rifles, while landing was divided into isolated groups and fought in complete isolation from the Central group of forces, without any outside help. While they fought against the choicest battalion of the SS, tanks, aircraft and artillery units of the enemy. Of the 432 Marines (among them were girls of radio operators and nurses, they died), landed ashore, to their after fierce fighting, came out only six of 8 (according to other sources – 9) were captured wounded, the rest were killed.

Who vinyl Kuznetsov

In the Directive of people’s Commissar of the Navy Nikolai Kuznetsov, signed February 18, 1944 and addressed to the commander of the Baltic fleet Vladimir Tributs, said that, first, Somali has provided him with this account of their findings. Secondly, it was impossible to land troops without fire support – this operation is obviously a failure. Third, Kuznetsov expressed bewilderment as to why gunboats are gone from the shore, not done my homework (not giving the Marines the most support). Fourth, the parachute would help and aircraft. And finally, fifth, Kuznetsov suggested: most likely, the exploration of the Baltic fleet was acting badly – “not see” a considerable force of the enemy, concentrated in the site of the airdrop.
Tributs were instructed to “mistakes to consider when carrying out the following operations.”

After the war, in his memoirs Nikolai Kuznetsov, wrote that “to remove the troops it was not possible” and “… it was a lesson… to continue to avoid such miscalculations.”

Point of view Tributs

Vladimir Tributs in his memoirs “the Baltic fleet fight,” wrote that the commander of the Leningrad front, Leonid Govorov “invited” to land troops without reinforcements, only supported by the fire of the gunboats (as we already know, the result was not even that). Tributs commander asked for more tangible support in landing, but he refused, citing the fact that “this Budem only get in the way”.
Tributs in the memoir stated: “the Marines, unfortunately, his task not completed.”

… and Govorov

In the papers of Leonid Govorov of 1941-1945 “In the battle for the city of Lenin” (the memoirs of Marshal, who died in 58 years, not left) there is no mention about this operation, as it does about the defeat of the Soviet army and Navy in the great Patriotic war.

According to historians, nearly a quarter of a century on Periculosam troopers nothing was said or wrote. The remains of the fallen Soviet sailors still find the places of those battles search engines. In the village-resort of Narva-jõesuu (northeast Estonia) in 1972 was established the memorial to fallen soldiers. 16 years later it broke local nationalists. The monument was restored. The Union of veterans of Narva periodically, there is a solemn event.

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