Trofimov-Mirsky: what happened to the captain, who was convicted of murder Chapaeva

History 15/01/20 Trofimov-Mirsky: what happened to the captain, who was convicted of murder Chapaeva

the circumstances of the death of Vasily Ivanovich Chapayev remain a matter of dispute even among modern historians. However, all researchers agree on one thing – the legendary division commander was wounded. And the one who inflicted these wounds or gave the order, found in 1926. Then in the murder of Chapaev was charged by captain N. Trofimov-Mirsky.

version of the death of Colonel

As you know, the legendary divisional commander was killed in September of 1919 near the town of Lbischensk in a sudden RAID of the Cossacks were not too heavily guarded headquarters of the division. However, the exact circumstances of the death of Vasily Chapayev is not established so far. According to the most publicized version, which is given in the book T. I. Paleevoy “Born October,” Chapaev drowned trying to swim across the Ural river, being severely wounded. This option, which was recognized as the official, established also thanks to the movie “Chapaev”, captured Alexander and George Vasilevym in 1934.

However, Ivan Plotnikov, author of the encyclopedia “the Civil war in the Urals, 1917-1922”, considers that the most reliable data, Vasily Chapayev died on the shore. The commander really got seriously wounded, so the soldiers placed him on a leaf of the gate and thus ferried across the river. However, to survive Chapayev still failed: he lost too much blood. Colleagues buried him in the sand. Subsequently, to find the grave of Colonel failed because the river changed its course, and the beach disappeared under the water.

breaking news

However, such different versions of the death of Vasily Chapaev United by one thing – the Colonel was wounded. Therefore, in 1920-ies, attempts were made to find the one who shot or Vasily Ivanovich gave the order. At the end of January 1926, a man was found. Says Julia Andreeva, the author of the book “Where do the heroes of favorite books,” this news was published in the press. So, in the newspaper “Red star” published an article under the loud name “the killer Arrested comrade. Chapaeva”. Andreeva considers noteworthy is the fact that the arrest of the suspect occurred after the publication of the works of Dmitry Furmanov “Chapaev”.

whatever it was, guilty of the murder of the divisional commander was declared captain of the Ural Cossacks Trofimov-Mirsky. This, according to Igor Simbirtsev in his book “Intelligence in the first years of the Soviet Union,” shows a telegram, sent to the Lubyanka head of the Penza Department of the GPU, Joseph Tarashkevich. According to Tarashkevich, Trofimov-Mirsky, who at the time of his arrest was working as an accountant in the artel of invalids, during the Civil war he commanded a detachment of Cossacks swept down on the headquarters of Chapaev. The captain, as claimed by Tarashkevich, repeatedly gave orders to the Cossacks that they dealt ruthlessly with captured red army soldiers.

Shot or released?

Most historians would argue that Trofimov-Mirsky steadfastly denied any involvement in the death of Vasily Chapaev. In addition, the captain assured the investigators that never served in the white army, and certainly not led the RAID on the headquarters of Chapaev. While Mirsky supposedly wandered together with his men on the Kazakh steppe, located in the Ural river. However, these indications, according to the edition of “the Cossacks on the borders of the Fatherland” Andrey Plekhanov, members of the GPU were described as false. That is why many authors are inclined to believe that Trofimov-Mirsky had been shot.

meanwhile, Vladimir Daynes in his book “Chapaev” writes that a researcher by the name of zhokhov in 1990 he applied to the KGB Department for the Penza region in order to determine the further fate of the Cossack commander. Zhokhov soon received a response from Penza security officers, according to which, Trofimov-Mir and in fact pleaded not guilty to assault that happened under Lbischenskogo, and the murder of Vasily Chapaev. Evidence against the captain was not. Therefore, in the summer of 1926 he was released.

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