In Kortrijk It was a Tuesday, an incident took place in the past, starting at 15.28 hours from Brussels to courtrai (Kortrijk). The French train operator on behalf of itself and a full-car to. Thus, dozens of passengers were forced to stand up straight. “We have filed a formal complaint,” says Frederik Cannoot from the Marke. “We offer our sincere apologies,” said NMBS spokesman Bart Crols.

for The conductor, on behalf of itself and a car, in order to have the material in place. “They were in two carts, and two jackets,” says a traveller Frederik Cannoot from the Marke. “It was not clear that the spot was reserved. It didn’t have a clue. The door was left open. It was because of this, however, passengers in the car. They were unaware of any innocent. As the conductor, and that said, everyone got on the train, with a capacity for 130 passengers straight away to leave. Travelers were up in arms, but there was no one to say it. The conductor was aggressive. There was an officer in the citizen of the federal police on the train. He has to intervene to bring the train operator, which is not to say, to try it out. The car continued to be close to courtrai (Kortrijk).”

last month,

“We understand that the conductor material need to be able to park. However, the way in which it can not be”, says Frederik Cannoot. “At a time when we must focus on the use of public transport, such an action by an inspector last month. Many of the passengers had complained to the RAILWAY. I started a letter to the federal minister, and François Bellot. We would like to apologize, because the ticket inspector was acting as if he is ‘God Almighty,’ it was. It is not acceptable that such a person is on a very crowded train ride, a very car safely, allowing dozens of people the right to do.”

as A whole, the carriage tax could not be. For the sake of the passengers is the priority, always. We offer our sincere apologies to this.

sncb / NMBS spokesman Bart Crols


The RAILWAY, confirms the incident. “The conductors usually have an area where they are with all their stuff could go,” says the sncb / NMBS spokesman Bart Crols. “That was in that train. However, that is not an argument. There are places enough, where the conductor material may be, for example, in the stuurpost.”

“it’s A great spot to engulf not possible. For the sake of the passengers is the priority, always. They may not be discomfort you are experiencing. We offer our sincere apologies to this. It is expensive for what you get, what the conductor was doing. We are going to be the man again, to make it clear what the guidelines are.”