Employee training labels ‘cisgender males’ as oppressors of “cisgender females”

FIRST ON FOX Employee training at the Department of Transportation informed employees that non-White citizens, women, and non-citizens were “oppressed” in America, according to Fox News’ review of training documents.

According to Freedom of Information Act requests, DOT employees were given training materials that encouraged them to make the agency an “anti-racist multicultural organisation.” They also received charts that help track their status as “agents of privileged groups” and “targets within oppressed groups.”

“How can we measure success in diversity-related work?” one slideshow asks employees. “How can we measure success in equity-related work?”

“None of us requested this. The training slideshow states that while none of us can be held responsible for the past, all of us are responsible to how we present ourselves in the present and our role in shaping the future. “Even though we are talking about racial equality, racism is still playing out.”

The DOT is currently led by Pete Buttigieg (ex-presidential candidate) who was confirmed in the term of President Biden.

Further training will explain “individual racism”, “institutional racism” as well as “structural racism”. Diagrams and a continuum provide examples of oppression and oppression, including those perpetrated via “nationalism” by non-citizens.

The presentation includes charts that cite “cisgender” men as oppressors of transgender and intersex individuals through sexism and “middle aged people” as oppressors for “youth” and elders via “ageism.”

The DOT training warns that being non-racist or prejudiced does not make it easy. It says, “Attempting suppress or deny bias thoughts can actually increase biased action rather than eliminate it.”

According to the dates on the documents, the session took place May 3, 2018.