Transgender against lesbians. Navratilova accused of intolerance

In a difficult life situation turned out to be the famous Martina Navratilova, perhaps the first player who admitted to sexual orientation. Now the main lesbian world sport itself accused of intolerance towards sexual minorities.

the Reason – the words of Martina relating to transgender people and published in one of social networks: “you can’t just declare yourself a woman and compete with women. Should be some standards, and if you have a penis and you’re competing with women, then there is non-compliance with these standards.”

This post sparked a wave of criticism Navratilova. So transgender cyclist from Canada Rachel McKinnon stated that the words of a tennis player are transphobic. Interestingly, McKinnon, participating in the women’s competition, and has previously been criticized by opponents who believed her victory is unfair.

the tennis player, apparently, sufficiently studied the question and have even prepared an article for publication to The Times. It Navratilova argues that the participation of transgenders in the women’s competition was unfair to women, because biologically they are men.

Martin also believes that the decrease in the level of testosterone in transgender by hormone therapy does not resolve the issue in principle, because the average man has more muscle mass than a woman, and his muscles get more active oxygen: “Roughly speaking, a man can just decide to become a woman, some time to take hormones, then to win a number of titles, make a fortune and then change your mind and be a man again. This madness and deceit.”

While Navratilova supports people with congenital abnormal metrics such as the well-known runner caster Seed soobset Cempionatam. As reported Вести.Ru, elevated levels of male hormones in the Seed was the subject of long debates in the world of athletics

In response to criticism Martin said that the condemnation of the reaction of the transgender activists. But after this Navratilova attacked numerous human rights organizations. Athlete Ally, protecting the rights of LGBT athletes, refused to cooperate with her, saying that her opinion “is based on a distorted understanding of the scientific facts and may promote the adoption of discriminatory laws against transgender athletes.” LGBT organization called the tennis player transform.