Flyers distributed to Montrealers by Transcontinental will no longer be wrapped in a plastic bag, Transcontinental announced Monday.

The printer and operator of the Publisac – stuck in a war of attrition with Mayor Valérie Plante – will now distribute its advertising material in notebooks.

The new product being distributed will be “a thin, quarter-folded notebook that combines flyers from multiple retailers into a single, limited-page printout,” Transcontinental said in a statement. This solution “will reduce the amount of paper in flyers by nearly 60%, while plastic will be eliminated entirely,” the company continues.

A by-law adopted by the City of Montreal will prohibit, starting next month, the distribution of advertising products packaged in plastic bags.

The same by-law will also prohibit the distribution of flyers without the consent of residents – expressed through the application of a sticker. However, Transcontinental foresaw the coup and entrusted Canada Post mail carriers with the distribution of the Publisac in certain neighborhoods. The federal corporation is not legally affected by municipal regulations.

Transcontinental did not immediately call back La Presse.