Traditional methods of healing smartphones Hairdryer and rice don't work: professional advice

At the end of school Ivan received as a gift the latest smartphone. But couple days later had an emergency: a younger sister spilled on the phone a glass of juice. Parents upset school didn’t want the guys started to seek salvation in the global network.

the Gadget blow dry, wiped and put in a bag of rice, which, as promised, will draw moisture. The next day, when Ivan tried to turn on the smartphone, he has not earned. Had to confess to the parents and ask for help to the professionals at Hello! Service.

“C the big share of probability will still fail…”

According to statistics, about 32% of calls to the service for repair is the failure of the phone after exposure to moisture. Often the experts come after attempts to save and to revive the gadget.

“it is Important to understand that even if the operation failed after a short period of time, the device with high probability will still be destroyed”, — says Sergey, maintenance engineer at Hello! Service.

Moisture is likely to enter deeply into the phone, as happened, for example, in the case of Ivan: a Hairdryer it drove even deeper. Therefore, even if the smartphone is turned on, after a short time he would have to work correctly.