In the trade dispute with China has referred to US President Donald Trump, the recent talks as “open and constructive” and that further negotiations announced. Nevertheless, he wants to hold the first, the increased specific duties on imports from China. If you were canceled again, “depends on what happens with regard to future negotiations,” tweeted Trump.

The two-day round of talks in Washington ended on Friday. The US President announced that the talks would be continued in the future. Trump said that he had a “strong relationship” with Chinese President Xi Jinping.

Before the trade was escalated to a conflict between the two countries. Regardless of the ongoing talks, the United States increased the applicable special customs duties on imports from China in the night of Friday, more than Double. Thus, imports from China are duty paid in the amount of 200 billion dollars instead of ten percent in the future, with 25 per cent. For further imports, in volume of 50 billion dollars, the rate was previously at 25 percent.

about half of all Chinese exports to the United States is Affected now. Trump threatened in addition, the additional duties at this height on all imports from China to expand – according to his account, this would be the case once again to a value of 325 billion dollars.

China subsequently announced a “necessary counter-measures”. Since the US is not exporting as much to China as Vice-versa, Beijing practice, however, comparable retaliation. In 2018, the USA exported Goods to the value of 120 billion U.S. dollars to China, which today are already occupied with “counter duties”. China supplied for 539 billion US dollars in the USA.

The escalation of unsettled for days, the financial markets and will also have an impact on the German economy. Especially German car manufacturers such as BMW and Daimler, the supply of its plants in the United States in a big way to China, would be affected by the Chinese “against duties”. Because of the mutual and special duties of the Chinese economy, brakes, will also suffer the German export industry. The International monetary Fund (IMF), in the intensification of the conflict a “threat to the world economy”.