US President Donald Trump has threatened trade dispute with China, despite the recent rapprochement in trade disputes, with “significant duties”. He would not then occupy the Chinese import goods with the duty, if there is agreement with the world’s second-largest economy come to an effective trade, said Trump on Twitter. “We will have either a real Deal with China or no Deal.” He go away, and that ultimately an agreement can be completed.

The government in Beijing announced, the US and China would strengthen in the next 90 days of your efforts. She was confident that an agreement could be implemented. The Chinese side will implement as soon as possible their Commitments.

“China will start the implementation of certain points on which a consensus has been reached, the faster the better”, it was said by the Chinese Ministry of Commerce. For the negotiations with the United States, there will be a “clear calendar and a clear Roadmap”. Details were not initially made.

Trump and his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping had agreed at the G20 summit in Buenos Aires, originally scheduled for the beginning of January pending the next round of new duties to suspend and to seek a solution to the trade dispute. The USA had threatened China in order to increase tariffs on Chinese imported goods to the value of another 200 billion dollars to 25 percent. China agreed to waive counter-measures first.

trade dispute – China reduced tariffs on U.S. import cars, US President, Donald Trump has tweeted that the Chinese government wants to reduce the import duties on American cars. Trump had agreed with Xi Jinping on a compromise. © Photo: Kevin Lamarque/Reuters