In business, a student needs to show a swift mind and a lot of skills that help to generate ideas and find solutions for every problem. Studying in a business school implies much work, including different written assignments. When it comes to writing, many students suffer from a lack of creativity. Together with the top online essay writing company called Smart Writing Service, we have prepared five engaging writing activities that will boost your skills, literacy, and creativity. Try some of them now, and you will notice favorable changes in a couple of exercises.

It Was a Dark and Stormy Night…

Take your favorite book and open it. Take a look at the very first sentence. A good beginning of a story can dip you into the text and make you continue reading. Some of the first sentences have become classic. For instance, let’s have a look at the beginning of Orwell’s “1984”. Fourteen words have reflected the current date, time, and weather without using the words “o’clock”, “pm”, and “am”. 

Not every author was so lucky. For example, there is one initial sentence so awful that it has given birth to a particular contest called The Bulwer-Lytton Fiction. It suggests every competitor represents good and worst variants of a beginning. Try to write something by yourself. Examine the works of the winners and then write your own awful beginning of a story. Let it contain some humor or references to pop culture. Let it be complex. Mind your grammar. How awful can it happen? It will be challenging to overcome the initiator of the activity. 

This first sentence is considered to be wrong because it has much excessive information. It is much longer than it should be and does not contain anything meaningful at the same time. This exercise will help you to practice in building complex sentences and applying metaphors and comparisons.

What will you learn? You will know how much information you can place into one sentence. You will know how to express your thoughts to make everybody understand you and how to apply humor. At least, it is a kind of entertainment. 

The Story of My Life

Recall what you did in the past. Write about your experiences with hobbies and learning. Your text should begin in the past and finish in the future. Everybody loves to speak about themselves. We love to describe our hobbies, talents, and favorite things. According to our interests, we seek friends. We fall in love with people appreciating our style of life. The activity takes an important place in our communication. This exercise will help you to describe your experience and achievements in a way everybody understands them and accepts your life. 

How to Breath Correctly

The instruction is a text having an algorithm of activity is examined and written down step by step. You are to write down an education about something you do automatically every day. For instance, describe how to check new messages, how to turn on the oven, or even how to breathe correctly. The language should be simple, and all actions must have a consequence.

You will be amazed by the complicity of this exercise. Making instruction will help to organize your thoughts. Sometimes, the simplest action we never think about becomes very complicated once we try to understand it. This exercise helps with writing informative texts. Also, you will learn many words and their synonyms. 

Your Own Business

For a business student, it is always useful to think about businesses and enterprises. Probably, you have read about many successful companies, their origins and ways of market conquer. The next exercise will help you to boost your imagination. Think about your own company. Write down its name, its main concept, and the rules of operation. What will it do? How will it represent its goods or services? How many people should be involved? What about the advertising company?

Thinking over possible business ideas alone or in the company will help you to find unique and interesting ways of business development. 

Preposterous Interview

Imagine that you are to pass the interview for a job. You are very polite and accurate, and the HR manager wants to entertain. You are eager to get the job, and they make you feel nervous. It might look like this. Write the same dialog that happened during the failed interview. This exercise will prepare you for different situations happening during responsible meetings. After all, you might think: “It wasn’t as awful as in my dialog.” The exercise will develop your communication skills as well. 

As you can see, many writing activities can help a young businessperson in future life. Your imagination and writing skills will develop if you apply some of them. Do not hesitate, start now, and wait for the positive results.