You may know only a few things that cause cancers, but here we are doing so many things in our daily routine that trigger cancer. Are you one of those who are unaware of this? Here in this blog, we will share some of the things that we usually do daily. Have a look and do share with us how you felt about knowing such unusual things that were unknown to us before.


Have you ever paid attention to your lifestyle because there are so many things we are usually doing which increase the risk of cancer. As per various searches, cancer is the second cause of death all over the globe after a heart attack. Try to get closer to nature. Some of these risks are modifiable but we can reduce cancer by improving our lifestyles and staying away from chemical based diets and other stuff. Bring a healthy diet to your routine and add walk or exercise. Go to bed early and get up in the morning. Improve sleeping patterns to avoid certain disorders that may take you towards cancer.


We all are aware of smoking, which is very dangerous for health and triggers cancer symptoms. Smokers would have at least 10 years shorter life than non-smokers. People who have a smoking habit may find it difficult to leave, but we suggest you take Nicotine free vaping liquids which do not affect your health. Although various flavors are available to make it easier for you to choose for vape such as  menthol flavor E liquid is the most favorite of everyone because of the cool and refreshed feeling along with the mixtures of fruits.


Do you know how dangerous it is to be overweight? It will increase the heart disease risk or diabetes as well. As per the various searches, overweight and obesity are the biggest risk factors that increase inflammation and change hormone levels. Excessive weight can affect the biochemical in the body like insulin. Make sure you people are now focused on reducing weight because it will help reverse diabetes and obesity.


Even a small intake of alcohol can deteriorate your health, and people addicted to alcohol need to take the help of rehab centers to get rid of this addiction. Increased intake triggers various types of cancers, and consuming alcoholic beverages daily also raises the risk for breast and other cancer. You all need to pay close attention to leaving alcohol.

Lack of exercise

If you haven’t involved yourself in any physical activity, then keep this thing in mind it causes weight gain and weight gain increases the cancer risk factor. Try to incorporate exercise in your daily routine for at least 15-20 minutes despite busy schedules. Start gradually with a walk and then increase the intensity of the exercises. If you are comfortable with lightweight activities, then it’s pretty much alright. Don’t get yourself indulged in heavyweight exercise.

Processed Meat

World health organizations contain compounds known as nitrates which are carcinogenic and other types of cancer. Make sure you have listed out the processed meat from your daily routine. Never eat this because it can trigger the formation of nitrosamines. Processed meats are harmful and should be avoided as much as you can.

Red Meat

Like other processed meats, red meat contains nitrates that lead to the formation of cancer cells. Everyone should be aware of removing nitrites and nitrates. Red meat usually has these two elements, so it’s better to switch to a plant-based diet that is heavy on fruits and veggies. Make sure you have added numerous veggies and fruits to your daily routine to avoid cancer risk.

Trans Fats

As per various searches Trans fats are banned because it can raise the risk of prostate, breast and colon cancer. The highest level of Trans fats in the blood of women causes a higher risk of developing breast cancer. Trans fats should be avoided as much as you can to keep yourself away from disastrous cancer risks.

Hot Drinks

Hot drinks increase cancer risk, and to keep yourself away from deadly cancer; you need to avoid high-temperature drinks. It may damage the tissue and cause cancer development. Make sure you are keeping yourself away from the hot drinks which are served at 140-160 F range. Let it cool down before sipping.


Diabetes can increase cancer risk, and men with diabetes are more likely to get caught in this disease. People who have diabetes in their genetics would have more chances of this. Make sure you are aware of all the facts and figures to keep yourself healthy and balanced.

Air Pollution

Air pollution and cancer are linked to each other, and as per recent studies, most people are caught in lung cancer because of air pollution. High levels of air pollutants would make it troublesome for you to breathe, so legislation should be passed in which every city has to put their effort into cleaning up the air to protect humans and future generations.

Fermented Foods

Although fermented foods are a priority of everyone, they may increase the risk of nasopharyngeal cancer, which affects the upper part of the throat. You all need to pay attention to whatever you are eating, so leave the processed meats, pickle foods high in nitrates or nitrites. Pickles and other fermented foods are fine somehow, but having processed meats would form up the cancer cells.


If you all have a genetic history of cancer, you can’t blame all these factors and as per various studies, 5-10 percent of cancers are inherited types. Make sure you have consulted the doctor who would guide you in detail on keeping yourself away from all of this.

These are the everyday things that were unknown to us that may cause cancer. Share these aspects with your loved ones to save their lives because of this fatal disease.

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There are so many our daily routine based things which affect our health and cause cancer such as fermented foods, genes, air pollution and processed meat