Kruibeke, The housing company, its designers, to the construction of social apartments in the area Cauterhoek to return to work. The church refused, namely, to obtain a building permit. Not that there is a hard error was detected. According to the board, it is the building just ugly: “as A monolith, which seems to be a legerkazerne”.

this is the first time for her – however, the long history of the Regional corporation for Housing, planning permission will see rejected for aesthetic reasons. Be the first to Kruibeke. The board also refused planning permission for a block of 31 apartments. Officially it’s going to be a problem with the ‘spatial capacity’. The city council is wound, the mayor, Dimitry Van Laere (N-VA) is slightly less face it, when Tina Van Havere (SamenVoorKruibeke to the cause saw. “It’s just an ugly building, what it sounds like. “It’s a square block that looks like a legerkazerne.”

According to Van Laere is with the college will not be alone with her thoughts. “The department of Environment, could not be reconciled with the course of architecture. It is not the intention of the city council to bring this project to keep it on hold for a turn. It has now been many times I have samengezeten by the housing society and the developer. We are now asked to move away from the camp-style, and opt for a more modern architectural style. Also, the inclusion of works of art, it is a suggestion. In addition, we have a more clear view of the ground floor, in the direction of rear area, and more parking spaces.”