Tonka-machine-gunner: the main traitor of the great Patriotic

Another 09/01/20 Tonka-machine-gunner: the main traitor of the great Patriotic

throughout her life she, at least, three times changed name. Although Antonina Paperboy (or Panfilova) – Makarova – Ginzburg and written a lot of historical research, filmed TV shows, documentaries and television series “the Executioner” in the history of the most famous woman of the executioner of modern times is still a lot unsaid.

the Candidate of historical Sciences Alexey Kuznetsov reported that even the date of birth of Antonina Paperboy is not exactly known – range of options from 1920 to 1923. Place of birth also remains questionable – some researchers claim that during pregnancy, the mother Antonina was in Moscow, where he gave birth to a daughter, according to another version, the birthplace of the Tonka-gunner – Small village Volkovka (Smolensk province).

Kuznetsov also believes that the confusion with the name of Paperboy (or Panfilova) – Makarova – Ginzburg greatly complicated the search of military criminals, the KGB knew that it really existed, but was looking for Tonka-gunner like a Makarov, while it has long bore the name of her husband. The documents subsequently recorded Makarova, the school she went Panfilova (this is the last name of all family members of the killer). Why is it “cross over”, no one knows. Historians suggest that someone (possibly herself Antonina) was given the middle name of a girl (the film) for the name, and hence all matter.

At the end of the war, working in a Soviet hospital nurse, Antonina Makarova was married to a wounded Victor Ginzburg and took his name.

Historians Eugene Antoniuk and Alex Kuznetsov claimed that Antonina Makarova started in 1941, not as a nurse, as was shown in the investigation of their criminal case, and the barmaid in the mess and then she was transferred to the position of nurses. In this capacity, she was captured in Vyazma toaphids, fled with the soldier Nikolai Fedchuk and until the fugitives reached the native village of Fedchuk, cohabited with him.

After Fedchuk threw Makarov and went to his family, Antonina was left to itself. Historian Alexei Kuznetsov said that she took the corners of the Red Well and Locate from local residents, although it is unclear what to pay for it. According to one version, Makarova selling myself.

Also it is not known as there was the first contact Antonina Makarova with the command of the collaborators of the so-called Lokotskogo of the Republic – whether Tonka-machine-gunner in the desire to survive has thrust itself on cooperation, but made threats. According to the testimony of the woman, who lodged Makarova, Aisha rejected her offer to go to the guerrillas and volunteered to serve the Nazi accomplices-punitive.

it May come as a surprise the fact that the commandant Lokotskogo Republic Bronislav Kaminski was appointed executioner Antonina Makarova it among subordinate collaborators were enough people who knew how to handle a gun and had combat experience that Tonka-gunner was virtually absent altogether. And the machine gun she did not own.

the Historian Alexey Kuznetsov suggested that the collaborators simply refused to shoot their countrymen, and Makarova was an “alien,” “the Muscovite”. Kaminsky, according to Kuznetsov, “didn’t want severity” their subordinates to push them, to force – in order not to aggravate the situation in the division.

On this question, most likely, will not find the answer, no one – in the materials of the criminal case (they declassified not all) have verified data on the 168 shot Makarova (their personalities were able to establish). But in fact the dead are obviously more. The numbers from a few hundred to a thousand, but they were not confirmed.

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