The Public prosecution service (OM), which may be summary to the people that are in the current coronacrisis abuse to criminal offences, and to be able to make a living. When the going gets tough, to take action against this type of crime, if it is TO signal that “this type of behavior will not be tolerated”.

in The past few days, several incidents have occurred in which there was a misuse of the situation and, as a result of the COVID-19-the virus. So, several people have been arrested after they were threatened with social workers, police officers, or employees, to attack.

A man in Noordwijkerhout, who are agents to express it in the face, coughed and said that the corona virus has to have had this past week, two and a half months in jail, fines, for which two weeks ‘ probation.

It is against the trade in fake medicine, and the faulty devices if all it is a hard problem. It is TO see, in addition to babbeltrucs to be used, in which the corona virus is a part of the story is that of the scammers.

“This type of criminal offences, where possible, within three working days from the supersnelrecht is submitted to the court,” according to the ORDER. Cases, more research is required to be brought to justice in accordance with the summary proceedings, in which the accused may, within fourteen days of the magistrate to appear.

the more severe The punishment that it demands in principle is tantamount to an unconditional prison sentence of several weeks or even several months.