To Novosibirsk the rains are coming — tell when they will start

Novosibirsk weather forecasters gave weather forecast for the upcoming holiday week. As reported the correspondent of the NGS chief of Department of weather forecasts of the Novosibirsk meteorologist Marina Vinogradova, in the region outlined changes in weather conditions.

‘ Tomorrow afternoon, 28 APR, no precipitation, and in the second half of the day — rain. At night, the temperature will be 6-8 degrees Celsius, in the suburbs +2… +4 degrees, and about 20 degrees above zero. April 29, light rain with thunderstorm for a day, there’s night and day can be. The wind will change from South-East to South-West: the night of 5-10 m/s, gusts up to 15 m/s, and in the afternoon with cold front passage — 10-15 m/s, gusts up to 20 m/s, she said.