BERLIN — It matches on a person fingertip, yet this chameleon can make a large splash.

Frank Glaw, that had been part of this global group of investigators who categorized the new species and called it Brookesia nana stated that the body of the man embryo seemed to be only 13.5-millimeters-long (a bit more than a 1/2-inch.)

That is at least 1.5 millimeters smaller than the former record holder, yet another member of this Brookesia family.

Glawa reptile specialist at the Bavarian State Collection of Zoology at Munich, said the very small male and a marginally bigger female were seen on a mountainside with a local guide through a 2012 expedition.

“You really must get down on your knees to locate them,” Glaw told The Associated Press in a phone interview Friday. “They’re clearly camouflaged and they proceed really slowly.”

Glaw and his colleagues conducted a CT scan of the feminine and found it harbored two eggsconfirming that it had been an adult.

For the man, the investigators took a good look at its own”well-developed” genitals, which in chameleons arrive in pairs called hemipenes.

They revealed that the eyebrow of this Brookesia nana specimen proved nearly one-third fifth of its body dimensions, maybe to let it mate with the larger female.

“I have few doubts it is an adult man,” Glaw explained. “When we had a set breeding it’d definitely be better evidence ”

Confirming Brookesia nana since the smallest reptile species will need finding more of these, which may take a few decades, ” he explained.

The group’s study was published in the journal Scientific Reports.