Tin Coaster tragedy: a terrible crime of a punitive Novgorod

History 18/01/20 Tin roller Coaster Tragedy: a terrible crime of a punitive Novgorod

During the great Patriotic war in the village of Tin can Hill in the Novgorod region at the hands of the Germans and their collaborators killed more than 3,700 people, mostly of Russian nationality. What exactly happened and why the case of genocide, the Investigative Committee of Russia opened only in 2019?

the Executioners and their victims

About the mass extermination of the civilian population in German-occupied Batetsky district of the Novgorod region historians has long been known. Immediately after the release of Tin can hill in early 1944, local residents spoke about the atrocities going on near their village. Here is what he said, for example, witness M. I. Bolshakov:

“In our village, Tin can Hill, where I lived during the occupation, was a punitive detachment of German SS troops for more than two years, 1941-1943. He made arrests of peaceful Soviet citizens, Communists, activists, partisans and red Army POWs and mass executions of arrested persons… outside the village of Tin can Hill there are 4 pits with the bodies of buried men.”

in addition to the above categories were exterminated Jews, Gypsies, Orthodox priests. The victims were brought from all over Batetsky district and beyond. On the excavations of the giant graves in 1944 he left the chief forensic expert of the Leningrad military district Andrei of Vladimir. Then was established the approximate number of victims.

the names of the four German leaders behind the executions, was made in 1947, during the Novgorod process over Nazi criminals. However, as it turned out, the actual perpetrators of the executions were the inhabitants of the occupied Latvia – and not only ethnic Latvians, but also people with Russian names. The total number of Latvian telecomandi was 33 people. In the 1960s, the KGB found out the names of the 19 toarately — it turned out that they took refuge in the West. For example, the former soldier has Odrowski Alphonse who sided with the Nazis, and proudly declared that “to restore order in Russia”, settled in Canada. Another deserter from the red Army, jānis cīrulis, remained in Germany and later even headed the émigré organization “the Hawks of Daugava”. To extradite these people to the Soviet Union failed.

Criminal case

Tin roller Coaster Tragedy has again become topical thanks to the work of search groups. In may 2019 in the ground near the village found the remains of 42 people – men and women of all ages. As examination has shown, three of the victims were children, also, among the dead were one pregnant woman. Many bones are preserved traces of bladed weapons – apparently, the executioners were saving ammunition. These excavations relate to and witness. A local resident, Alexander Nikolaev of, seen, for example, that in 1942, the Latvians stabbed by the daggers of two girls, the blonde and the brunette. Some poor monsters pushed into the mass grave still alive.

after Studying the newly revealed facts, the Investigative Committee opened a criminal case under article 357 of the criminal code “genocide” — one of the rarest in the legal practice. About the total destruction by the Germans of the population of Novgorod (then Leningrad) region of speech, of course, was not. However, the investigation revealed that from October 1941 in the North-West of Russia, the Nazis created a sort of “buffer zone”, the boundaries of which extended to the suburbs of besieged Leningrad. The actual “Stripping” the territory on the orders of the German command were exterminated all who sympathized with the Soviet power. Other citizens were driven to work in Germany. In Batetsky district of the 29 thousand inhabitants by the end of the occupation, there were only 5 thousand. Imagine if all affected persons of a single “national group”, the Investigative Committee had yet to prove.

Continuing the investigation might force the West to come back to youthe country of Nazi war criminals responsible for mass murder in a Tin Slide, if one of them, of course still alive. Don’t stop and excavations around the village. Ultimately, as experts believe, the number of identified victims of the genocide may be about 5 thousand people.

Timur Sagdiyev

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