LIVING room. A compact house for 100,000 euros (that’s you all along, that has to be in accordance with a Genks company in the future. The 48-square-foot unitwoning the ‘Cocoon’ is, in addition to this, after half an hour, ready to move in, it makes Warsco Units are strong. If this is really the habitat of the future, opinions are divided.

don’t just containerwoning, but woonunit to the ‘Cocoon’.From the outside, it is hard to see the nice little house with a modern exterior cladding, according to the designer, ” like a ‘curtain’ around the unit’s hung’ side, and it was plonked. Also, the inside doesn’t do anything that you suspect. With the new concept of the company is, inter alia, of the high house prices, and the future of betonstop, the decreasing amount of available land, and the fact that we are smaller and more durable to live with.

a 48-square-meters of new houses, of the Genk Warsco Units will, literally, be compact, to name a few. Nevertheless, it was the designer’s place is a cosy living room, a bedroom, a kitchenette, and a bathroom with a toilet. “We have been posting for the past 40 years, containerunits: sites, businesses, schools, and also as temporary housing after a fire or during a renovation,” says Anneleen Van Bosch, CEO of Warsco Units. “Such a quality property of this size so quickly, ready to move in, it is, but this is a first for our country.”