Hello, who is on the phone? This Berlin phone booth is a bit of a celebrity, known from many trips to the far north of Berlin: it is in Lübars.

This snapshot of the telephone booth was then taken on the village green, between the old village church, the Alter Dorfkrug inn and the event and culture center Labsaal. The picture was first found in the current Reinickendorf newsletter from the Tagesspiegel.

And we weren’t the only ones impressed by this taxi-yellow relic. Another day tripper also came closer, took a photo and announced that he actually had to call his mother anyway to see if the telephone inside the cell was still working.

All that could be heard inside was a long “Beeeeep”. You can see some books, as they are in the book box right next to the lab room. Norbert Heners-Martin from the board of directors of the association, which is behind the lab room, quickly clarified the Reinickendorf newsletter: “A few years ago we set up a discarded telephone booth as a book box on our site with ‘toleration’ from the preservation of monuments. It was only after that that people began to devote themselves to the ‘monument cell’. I think it is also registered as a monument.”

And indeed, the little telephone house (model FeH 32, as installed by the Deutsche Reichspost from 1932) is on the list of monuments and is dated 1934-’35.

And what about the “Beeeeep”? Apparently it is a sign that you can actually make calls from this almost 90-year-old telephone booth. Because when I was sitting in the village inn a little later, the day tripper came up to me again: “I just phoned my mother and daughter! 10 cents for 18 seconds!”. It probably worked with a credit card. Well then: From now on you can make phone calls on the northern outskirts of the city.

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