Sint-Niklaas, Which is one of their most recent long-distance travel should be by the rv’s for: Guido Van Geyt (80), and Gilberta Willockx (80) of St Nicholas turned out to be a nightmare. In the Southern French town of Carnon, they remained destitute are left with only to beachwear after the thieves and to get started with their mobile home. “Fortunately, we have a lot of help on the police force, Belgian leisure and FROM home to get to the hotel”, they all bear witness to.

for sixty years, it attracts the flock every year to go camping in their motor home to go around. This year, they went on with their zwerfwagen to the South of the country. “It would have to be one of our last long-distance travel can be,” says the couple. “We are all a little older. We were going to take the motor home to use for the shorter trips, like going to the sea.”

The final journey to the south, turned to be a damp squib finish. “We have had for the past few weeks in France, and last Friday it was parked in a public car park in the town of Carnon. It was a very, very, very busy, and we were less than a hundred yards from a police station. However, we were all quite close. That’s a normal thing to do. The doors can only be locked with the lock and with a steel cable door to door.”