As a tourist, you’ve got valuable stuff in your pocket and if you’re not familiar with the area at all, you are the perfect victim to pick-pockets. In which European cities you should look out for? And what are the tricks to be popular? ask a medical expert.

Jaime van Gastel has now been active for 25 years as boevenspotter and in his spare time, for more than fifteen hundred arrests made. Using social media to teach people what they need to watch out for.

“do you Know the voetbaltruc?”, demand, he added. “Then you go out for a high five, while he could serve as a distraction to a bone in between your legs again. Within five seconds, you can get all of your mobile phone or watch is lost.”

Outside of the Randstad are currently a lot of criminals are active in the supermarket, says Van Gastel. “In the province of Limburg, Brabant, Overijssel, the netherlands are a big gang with a young girls that are pins for cheating, and then you get a debit card, to roll. That happens a lot with older women.”

Video Jaime van Gastel spot and the fototruc to the Zaanse Schans open air museum of The vlekkentruc < / p> Because of spray to this one namaakvogelpoep on the back of the child’s best interests. “Two other people, tidy up, dressed, do it as if they were you would like to help with the clean-up. At the moment, you are being distracted, is to find a parking stop. Or, they will pick up the wallet from the inside pocket of his coat. In Bruges, it has been recently a lot of stuff, but it’s done in other cities.”

Call, have you ever been robbed or ripped off on holiday? What happened at that time? You can share your story in the comments.