Multimedia In the market for a new laptop? This is the best that it can be found in the same categories: as a budget model, and a good basislaptop, and the so-called ‘ Thin & light in weight, strong on the inside). Budget: HP 14-cf – (€ 499)

Laptops for less than 500 euros, the costs of which are no big drawbacks in doing that? They are extremely rare, maardezeHP 14-cfis there is one of them. In this implementation, heeftveel of ram, and a fairly large solid state drive in this price range. You will have that processing power, because the Core i3 processor has no turbo, has. Furthermore, it is quite light, and the ethernet connection to the classic cable, and the sd card reader is the convenient ingredients that we are not all the laptops can see it. The screen has good viewing angles. The battery life is 7.5 hours, is fine. The plastic housing, and the non-slip pad and keyboard, you will notice, eventually, that this is a budgetlaptop it is.Click here to view the HP-14 and cf.

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