Some types of oil as a result of the global aanbodoverschot large discounts to the trade, so the price is well below $ 20 (18,13 eur per barrel will remain.

Despite the fact that the oliefutures to the Brent benchmark at a small $ 27 / bbl, up and went to the main exportolie to Russia this week to $ 18 per barrel for the hand, while Saudi Arabia and its oil for $ 16 per barrel, which was, reported Reuters on Thursday.

in Particular, the oil which is used for refining the fuel has a tough time because of the demand for gasoline and jet fuel decreases, due to the lack of road and air transport.

it is expected that the global demand for oil in the next few weeks, with a 10 per cent decrease. Dutch trading company Vitol, taking into account the reduction of 20 per cent.

a Lot of companies are screwing over their for this years planned investment in return. The seven major players, including Saudi Aramco, ExxonMobil, and Shell, to scrape together a 25 billion dollar (22,65 billion us dollars) in investment.