the Ouwehands Dierenpark zoo reported on Wednesday that even the more well-known giant panda, Wu Wen pregnant. With the woman horse, in January, for the first time, and the male, Xing, Ya, but at the moment it is not yet clear whether this is a success story.

as For giant pandas, according to the Ouwehands Dierenpark zoo in an extra complicated in order to determine whether she is pregnant or not. This is because there may be a so-called delayed gestation period, ” says general manager Robin de Lange.

in Normal animals, a mating between a foal, but a panda is the implantation of a fertilized egg for several months later. The gestation period is, on average, between three and five months. The maximum gestation period is one year, according to the zoo, Rhenen, the netherlands.

in Addition, there’s also the question of the so-called schijndracht. “With ultrasound, you can be sure, but the ultrasound is very difficult,” says Long. “Number of pandas is very small, so that it might only be three or four weeks to the delivery time.”

Preparing for the eventual delivery
even if it is not yet to say is whether or not the pairing in January to be successful, get ready for the zoo itself, to be sure, for any date of birth. This is an area, that is, the stay is modified, and digital cameras.

As for the pairing with monitor, We Desire, caregivers frequently the hormone levels in her urine. Also, her behavior at the time. The keepers are getting help from experts in China, and they are a lot of videos of the Final Desired behavior is to forward it.

the Pandas loaned from China

in the Ouwehands Dierenpark zoo in may, according to the leenafspraken China was born in the Netherlands and the pandas for four years. After that, they have to go back to the Asian country, which is a captive breeding program has been set up in order for the population to remain healthy.

The Chinese authorities to borrow one of the rare animals found only in China occur in the wild only in a small range of ‘friendly’ countries. In addition, the Netherlands is, amongst other things, to Germany. In the zoo of Berlin, in the last year, the two giant pandas to be born.

Wu Wen and Xing, Ya, were coming in 2017, in the Netherlands for a maximum period of fifteen years. A year later, he was a first-paringspoging, but it failed, because Xing Ya still playful it was. The second experiment started at the beginning of this year, because a giant panda’s only a few days per year to be fruitful.