There was still uncertainty last week, now the anticipation can come in the north of Berlin: From Thursday, May 19th, you can meet the Reinickendorfer cultural asset, our water buffalo, again in the Tegeler Fliess. This is one of the top reports in the new Reinickendorf newsletter from the Tagesspiegel.

As the district office in Berlin-Reinickendorf has reported, “at first around 10 a.m. three water buffalo cows, a calf and two water buffalo oxen will be put on the pastures in the eastern area (along Mühlenfeldstraße) and then six water buffalo cows on areas in the western pasture area (beginning at the youth hostel along the forest road).”

Also present: District Mayor Uwe Brockhausen (SPD) and City Councilor for Urban Development, Environment and Transport, Korinna Stephan (Bündnis90/Die Grünen).

Since May 2015, a total of eleven water buffalo have been living in the Tegeler Fliess in an almost 14-hectare enclosure. Their settlement was recognized in 2019 as an official project of the UN Decade on Biological Diversity. In November last year, six of the animals escaped from their enclosure for a few hours. However, the water buffalo had only stayed in their winter quarters.

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A few more tips and hints from the district office: “The water buffalo can be seen particularly well from the information boards, but the large animals also like to retreat to the willow bushes to rest.”

“The buffalo are considered very good-natured, but visitors should not get too close to them and follow the safety instructions,” warns the district office. In addition, we ask that you do not enter the nature reserve off the beaten track, but only use the designated vantage points.

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