Union and Left in the Bundestag have accused the traffic light coalition of irresponsible budgetary policy. Germany is at a turning point with the corona pandemic and the Ukraine war, said Union parliamentary group leader Mathias Middelberg on Tuesday in the Bundestag.

In the budget of Finance Minister Christian Lindner (FDP), you only notice a lack of income and high debts, but no cuts or prioritization of expenditure.

“On the contrary: you just saddle up,” criticized Middelberg in the budget debate. “They make themselves really fat in government, with a record number of 37 parliamentary state secretaries.”

At the same time, the traffic light government is making no provision for social security, especially for pensions. Instead, Lindner tricked by reallocating unused loans to his plans in 2021. Middelberg spoke of “stolen goods from the last election period”.

Left leader Janine Wissler accused the traffic light coalition of investing too much money in rearmament. With the planned 100 billion euros, all schools could be renovated or investments in climate protection and the turnaround in traffic could be made, she said.

The introduction of the planned basic child security has also been postponed. “What is more urgent than lifting children out of poverty?” asked Wissler. She also called for higher taxes for those who earned well in the current crises.

The budget week has been running in the Bundestag since Tuesday. Before the 2022 federal budget is voted on on Friday, the budgets of the individual departments will be debated.