History 24/01/20 “Treasure Makhno”: where did the 124 kilograms of gold

to this day, Nestor Makhno is one of the most bizarre figures in history. To say nothing of the riches of the father, which he allegedly hid in several places! But to hide it: to take at least 124 kilograms of gold, which ataman “confiscated” from his “colleagues” Grigorieva. According to Vyacheslav Zvyagintsev, the location of one of the treasure of the Bolsheviks gave Lev Zadov. And what about the others?

124 kilograms of gold

according to the author of the book “Nestor Makhno, an anarchist and leader in the memoirs and documents”, Alexander Andreev, in the first two years of its existence, the group Makhno was not a band of robbers, at least in the conventional sense. This is indicated by the command’s orders, intended to prevent looting and banditry. However, even then, according to Andreev, the Makhnovists did not hesitate, for example, apartments Denikin’s officers. Subsequently, however, Makhno, in the absence of objects of plunder in the face of the proletariat or the bourgeoisie, took even the peasants.

But all this is minor compared to the jackpot, which was won by the man with ataman Grigoriev. Grigoriev, according to Sergei Bogachev, the author of the publication “the Last command of Nestor Makhno”, he demanded of Makhno that, say, you have a leader, one in which the “gold standard NEMA”. Thus Grigoriev introduced unnecessary confusion into the ranks batkinoy army. The head of counterintelligence Lev Zadov was told Makhno that the “red Colonel” bummed 124 kilograms of gold and silver and coins of Imperial coinage, robbing the Odessa Bank. Colleagues killed Makhno and Grigoriev captured the station in Alexandria, where there was a train with Grigor gold.

Debrowski forest

writes the above-mentioned Alexander Andreev, stockpiled as a weapon, and various jewels Makhno the old fashioned way, that is, burying it in the ground. It is clear that similars “warehouses” were few. One of the most famous places where Makhno kept the gold is Debrowski forest. At least so says Nicholas Metelkin, author of “Treasures unfound treasures of Ukraine”. According to Metelkina, the old man, leaving the Ukraine, decided not to take the Treasury. First, the burden was too heavy, and, secondly, Makhno had hoped to go back: then all were convinced that the Bolsheviks came for a while. As a proof of his point of view Metelkin cites the fact that Nestor Makhno lived in Paris very modestly.

However, this treasure, according to Vyacheslav Zvyagintsev on the pages of your publication “the Tribunal for the heroes”, was found back in the 1920-ies. Need a place pointed out to the Bolsheviks Lev Zadov (Zinkovsky). Thus, he wanted to be rehabilitated before the new government. However, if you believe Nicholas Metelkina, gold there was little, therefore the researcher believes that the backsides showed the location of the treasure, that is, for the blind. The main wealth is still waiting in the wings.

the Dnipropetrovsk and Luhansk regions

So, there is a version that the gold is inherited by Makhno after the murder Grigorieva, in 1919, the old man is buried beneath the mound near Nikopol (Dnipropetrovsk oblast). This, according to Oleg Ryaskov in his book “Secrets of the century: the full version of the acclaimed television investigation”, told the interrogation ataman Karetnikov, who was arrested by the GPU. However, during the investigative experiment, organized in 1956, Karetnikov confused, and the treasure was never found. According to Raskin, most likely, the chieftain knew about the treasure only by hearsay and accurate information about their location did not possess. Later, this secret forever hidden under the waters of Kakhovka reservoir.

However, the chances of hunters is still there. The fact is that after the looting of money in the assumption, designed for the remuneration of the red army, the last ozverev, badly pinched Makhno. Gang members, according to Alexei Shcherbakov, the author of the book “the Civil war. Dress rehearsal for democracy,” fell back in Starobelsk (Luhansk region), where he stayed for more than a month. Under the Starobelsk also had numerous underground tunnels connecting the monastery and city churches. In these passages, according to legend, Makhno and hid their gold.

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