The traffic police said, in what state was the driver of a burning taxi in Novosibirsk

Yesterday evening, July 26, near the bus stop “Planned” there was a collision of two cars (including car “Yandex.Taxi”), and then one of them caught fire. As told NGS, the taxi driver could not get out of the car, he could come to the aid of the witnesses of the collision who pulled the man out of a burning car.

As explained in the group of propaganda of traffic police of the Novosibirsk region, a man driving a taxi at the time of the accident were in an alcohol intoxication.

— the Driver born in 1989 (in the state of alcoholic intoxication) driving a “Volkswagen” branded “Yandex.Taxi”, followed the street Dusi Kovalchuk. In transit at the crossroads Dusi Kovalchuk-Planned collided with the car “Subaru legacy” under the control of the driver born in 1987 (sober). After the collision “Volkswagen” has thrown electricity pylon, then car engulfed by flames, — have added in traffic police.