The suppression of the rebellion in the detention facility of the Sukhumi: the unique operation of special forces

Crime 13/12/19 the suppression of the rebellion in the detention facility of the Sukhumi: the unique operation of special forces “alpha”

In August 1990, the group escaped from the cells of the prisoners seized the prison city of Sukhumi. The operation to suppress rebellion is considered unique due to the fact that only 49-special forces managed to neutralize 70 bandits, who were armed with firearms.

Armed convicts

the Riot began on 11 September 1989. In the insulator according to plan was the cleaning and the controller of Kosova opened cell number 7, which was especially dangerous recidivists. During the transfer cleaning equipment per employee was attacked by prisoners and brutally beat him. In the hands of the rebels was Lieutenant Timur Chikirba, from whom they took the keys and opened the cells of the first and second floor.
In one of the outdoor cameras to the prisoners, commanded the death penalty sentences of recidivists Paul Prunchak and Myron dzidzaria, found a warehouse of illegal weapons previously confiscated from the population. Thus, in the hands of the prisoners has got a lot more ammunition and three firearms from Kalashnikov rifles to antique Caucasian guns, decorated with gold.
One of the guards managed to escape from prison, he managed to close the rebels and to raise an alarm. In the building captured prisoners found and burned his things and found a list of prisoners who collaborated with the administration. These people severely beaten and locked up in a cell along with two taken hostage by prison officials.

the Assault on the bus

First, Prunchak dzidzaria and demanded a helicopter that lands on the roof of the prison, but three days to convince them that she will not stand the weight of heavy machines. It was then decided to land the helicopter on Lenin square in the centre of Sukhumi, and to the landing place is provided by the authorities of the bus. At the same time the insulator was supposed to run only the leaders of the bandits and their entourage, and the rest of the conand would remain in the building without submitting any requirements.
the Complexity of future operations was in the fact that the prison building was surrounded by relatives and friends of prisoners, who gestures warned them about the movements of police officers. To solve from Moscow to Sukhumi sent 22 fighter squad of the KGB “alpha” and 27 officers and special forces of the MVD.
the Commander of “alpha” Colonel and Karpukhin, the head of the interior Ministry special forces Colonel Lysyuk decided to conduct a simultaneous assault on the bus with the bandits and hostages, as well as building the jail from the roof. The operation to neutralize 70 armed bandits forces 49 commandos began on 15 August 1990. On the morning of 13 most influential convicts armed and 2 hostages went to the authorities granted the bus. To protect from snipers all were wearing masks.
When the transport was broken, it triggered the explosive device and the commandos went into battle. All the commandos acted bravely and professionally, but especially distinguished captain Igor Orekhov, the first jump into the bus and jump through the driver’s seat covered a two bandits, one of whom shot and wounded him in the neck. For 45 seconds all the bandits were neutralized. Three terrorists, including suicide bombers of Puncak and dzidzaria were shot.

the Assault insulator

Meanwhile, a group of interior Ministry special forces entered the captured building through the emergency entrance on the roof and began to clean the room, exploding the closed grate and through the passages in the barricades of furniture. Effective weapon against the prisoners was the grenade CSG-50, shooting rubber shrapnel.
Furious battle ensued on one of the staircases, under which entrenched bandits. To neutralize the terrorists managed, throwing their light and sound grenades. Attack of the interior Ministry supported the “alfovtsy”, the time figuring the bus. The prisoners hoped that the attack happens from the street, so the Windows they put the guns and ammo, however, will withstand the pressure of commandos break into the prison, they are unable to keep.
a Combined attack from two sides was quickly shot downand the fighting ardor of the prisoners, and they began to drop their weapons. The rebels had laid on the floor and crawling were sent to the camera. During the assault on the insulator of one of the soldiers of the interior Ministry was wounded in the leg, among the prisoners killed was not.

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