Well up in the last auditieaflevering of the VTM-programme Belgium’s Got Talent, it’s Friday already, have a little bit of Time. The dansact by the belgian group ” Danceformation Silverstar is about an exorcism, and it is downright scary. “I’m incredibly angry with you, because I’m never going to be able to sleep,” says member of the jury Jens Dendoncker.

In Belgium’s Got Talent, choreographer, Gina Depuis (35) from Account) for the horror theme. “Anyone who knows me, knows that I have a passion for horror films, griezelfiguren, and haunted houses. In the restaurant with my partner, Dirk, (the steak house Jambalaya, red.) it is Halloween and a very keen place and I decided to put that to use in our act. Our school has a total of 48 wedstrijddansers for Belgium’s Got Talent, we have developed a selection of 22 of our most experienced members.”

the act, in the name of ‘The Exorcist’ get it, got Gina is inspired by the eponymous horror from 1973. The film got two academy awards in and is considered to be one of the most acclaimed films in the genre. “The Exorcist” tells the story of a twelve-year-old girl who suddenly becomes possessed, becomes the devil. While the girl is chained to her bed, and the two priests-the devil expelled. Who are the characters in the act.
Sleepless nights

At the beginning of the season, the VTM series is set to the channel already has a video that demonstrates the performance of the Danceformation Silverstar is partly to be seen. In this video you can see how the judges think of the power in the studio goes down, and then, suddenly, a dancer of the school and member of the jury, An Lemmens’s scaring yourself silly. The act was nothing to be seen. “We’ve got a lot of responses achieved so far”, laughs Alex. “A lot of parents, our members know not that we have anything to do. They should also not have to worry about the children who dance in a show, deliver it and we won’t lose any sleep. If you look at how we can all work out, you will be saved from the horror.”