The strange ways of the struggle of the Finns against Soviet tanks

History 21/01/20 the strangest methods of struggle of the Finns against Soviet tanks

Fight against enemy tanks — a serious problem on the battlefield. Someone is trying to solve it the traditional way, using artillery, entrenching tools, fortifications and engineering structures. There are those who deliberately throws against armored infantry.

the First “jackass” were Finns

the Mood to fight Soviet tank technology “manually” tried to put into practice even before the great Patriotic war, the Winter war USSR with Finland (this country was a satellite of Nazi Germany during WWII). According to the memoirs of a Finnish infantryman Toivo Otimo, they were taught to stop enemy tanks with logs or scrap that are needed at the right moment to stick in the chassis tank. Later this method was immortalized in the form of a formal printed instructions and used the command of the Italian connections of Nazi Germany.

There is evidence of “impact” of such a struggle (they all resulted the same Ihtima): Finnish infantryman in the Soviet tank attack had tried to put the crowbar in the undercarriage for our armored vehicles (not the brand it was called). But caterpillar giant “chewed” scrap and proceeded smoothly on. Prepared a log, I did the same Finnish infantryman in the tracks of Soviet tanks, split into “toothpicks”. The car went its way until it blew a bunch of grenades.

…For them and the British

Britain, the home of tanks, Germany was subjected to a brutal bombing in 1940. The British seriously feared German occupation. In the late summer of 1940 the command of the Armed forces of Her Majesty issued guidance on the establishment of special groups to combat the German tanks and anti — tank teams. Methods of conflict was significantly more powerful than the Finnish — British anti-tank team of four people required (minimum): rail, a blanket, a can of gasoline and box of matches. Technology destroy the enemy tank that operotryada (during street fights) were as follows: the first and second numbers to drive the end of the rail from the wound on his blanket in the suspension of a combat vehicle (that was supposed to inevitably stops the tank), number three throws a blanket of gasoline, the fourth — he lights the match.

an Alternative way of neutralizing the tank (for lack of a rail with a blanket) was struck by its simplicity and it is also reflected in the instructions. Anti-tank team was reduced to one man, armed with a grenade and a hammer, which at the right moment jumping ahead of time occupied on the second floor of the building position in a turret of the enemy tank and pounding with a hammer on the hatch. The commander of the machine, intrigued by the call sign on the principle of “who’s there?” opens the hatch, gets hit in the head with a hammer, the grenade flies inside the tank. All dead, the tank is neutralized.

However, in practice, to apply this “know-how” to the British was not meant to be: German tanks to the British Isles, fortunately, never came. But it so happened that the Wehrmacht and collaborators of Nazi Germany in fighting the Soviet tanks not only tried to use extravagant way Finns and bold ideas of the British, but even tried to make my contribution to this process.

With axes and cans on the KV and T-34

this is how Hitler’s infantry actually set up. In the post-war archives has survived more than 40-page manual on the subject — “Panzerabwehr aller Waffen” (“Anti-tank weapon”), released in October 1942. Scans well preserved brochure is in the Network, it is richly illustrated text is legible, it can be translated.

In essence, these methods started to be applied already in the first months of the war, and Soviet intelligence knew about them in the September report, 1941 Gaurasundara of the General staff of the red army the chief of the Main Armored Directorate of the red army sets out the basis of the German strategy against the Soviet tanks. Coupled with “normal” SPindividuals attacks of tanks were there and the user manual “infantry shock troops” used to kill swentzel red army tanks.

Technology is the elimination of super-heavy Soviet tank was this: create a smoke screen, an infantryman jumps on the tank, attaches to the turret rear a bunch of grenades, ignites it and hiding in the shelter. Another option in the same place you set a can of gasoline, and tied to it with a grenade. Another way — in a smoke screen laid on the path of the tank mines. Ax, as shown in the picture in the instructions was supposed to break the ventilation grille of the engine (also in the rear of the tank) to drop a grenade inside.

a massive Soviet tank attack was mainly accompanied by infantry reinforcements, part of the infantry moved directly on military vehicles. Therefore, the German shock group, if any were, as a rule, were eliminated during the offensive. In any case, no authoritative evidence about their real effectiveness in the tank battles in the historiography of the great Patriotic war.

the Japanese have outdone all

War with the Kwantung army (in 1945, lasted less than a month) showed that “wild” ways to attack Soviet tanks, the Japanese kamikazes were not just an option, but part of a General system of destruction of manpower of the enemy and its equipment — the cost of the life of the attacker. Numerous instances of selflessness of the explosions of enemy tanks were in the red army. But they have always been the result of a personal decision fighter. While the bombers (as pilots and tank destroyers) in the Kwantung army was prepared specially, purposefully.

According to the memoirs of a veteran of the Russo-Japanese war, commander of a tank company Alexander Fadina, and according to the military historian Yuri Ivanov, kamikaze used a special mines on bamboo poles to undermine Soviet tanks. The action of the shaped charge in the explosion most often did not allow the Japanese time to withdraw, he was killed. In combat station Madoshi dozens tied with tol grenades and kamikaze with their lives destroyed a brigade of Soviet tanks.

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