The spy Ian Fleming: what did the famous writer in the USSR

Biography 04/01/20 Spy Ian Fleming: what did the famous writer in the USSR

the famous super-spy, able to overcome difficulties, to get away, once in a desperate situation, there is an interesting detail in the biography, the notorious “Russian trace”. It is the gift awakened the imagination of Ian Fleming, has created a unique literary character — a charming James bond.

the Ignorant, the aristocrat: milestones on the road to success

Until the moment when, from the pen of Fleming came popular novels, praising the literary and cinematic character, it took many difficult years. The path suggests, as described in the “James bond” adventure invented only in part.

the Writer was born in the family of an aristocrat close to the political circles of England. Ian inherited the title, great name, which was disgraced in the most prestigious educational institutions of the country. Once the future writer was expelled from Eton, the Royal military College, he continued his education on the continent. Nedouchivshihsya, he filed a petition for employment in the Ministry of foreign Affairs where was not adopted due to poor knowledge of the native language. Lifting the old ties, the mother of Fleming gave him an assistant editor in the Agency “Reuters”, where Ian learned to wield a pen.


on my first trip Fleming went in 1933, and the way it was in the USSR. The press covered the high-profile trial of six engineers, who built the Moscow metro. They were accused of sabotage and espionage. Making a brisk story, our hero decided to interview Stalin, which they sent him a written request. From the Kremlin came extremely correct waiver signed by the leader. In addition, Joseph Stalin had no time for meeting with foreign journalists, he suspected Ian of espionage.

as the owner of a valuable autograph, the writer tried to use it to improve its rating. Flameng met with the representative of the secret service John Godfrey, who was interested in the story of the visit to Moscow, courage when dealing with Stalin, nonstandard vision of the situation.

the Success of smiling future “father” of James bond only in 1939, when sir Godfrey was head of British intelligence. He remembered the stubborn journalist and sent him into a second business trip to Moscow. Fleming managed to get an interview for the times at the three people’s Commissars — Mikoyan, Voroshilov and Litvinov. Stalin, aware of the intelligence mission of the journalist, from meeting again refused.

Espionage Fleming’s fully lit now. According to the data obtained from the partially decrypted files are in the course of the work conducted by the British Analytical center for political studies, it is known that he was involved in the kidnapping of Bormann participated in the search for the secret lab of rockets “FAU”, was in hiding in France during the German occupation, developed a special operation to evacuate the king of Albania. Retired writer left in 1946 with the rank of Commodore, receiving at the memory a premium revolver.

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