Proxies have entered our life and stayed in it. Almost everybody knows nowadays that proxies are intermediates between a user and the destination resource. They change the user’s IP and help him stay anonymous online.

Since there are various types of proxies, it may be not that easy to decide which type is most suitable for your needs. This article will be your adviser in the aforementioned decision.

What do You Need Proxies for?

Both individuals and businesses benefit from proxy usage. Proxies increase safety level while surfing the Web. They allow unblocking restricted resources. It is possible to collect and analyze data with their help. Marketers, SEO specialists, managers use mobile proxies every day and avoid ban of their accounts.

Here is the list of most popular activities that proxies help to:

  • avoid hackers and frauds;
  • access geo-restricted resources;
  • make sure your workers use their working time properly;
  • do market research and analysis etc.

Anonymity is crucial for everyone. With the help of proxies your rivaling companies will not be able to hide some important data (for example, the data about prices) from you.

How to Choose the Needed Proxy?

There are tons of proxy providers out there. It is necessary to understand that there are also different kinds of proxies themselves.

There are free and paid services. Free providers cannot guarantee high protection levels. Their connection often falls off and the speed is slow. Paid services can give you a certain guarantee, free trials and a refund in case you are not satisfied with something. The best way is to choose cheap mobile proxies.

Proxies can be datacenter, mobile, transparent, shared, residential etc. Check the next things.

  1. The safety level of the provider must be high.
  2. You should have access to a large number of countries and operators and be able to choose the ones you want.
  3. Do not be shy to check the reviews of other clients.
  4. It is best of all if your chosen company offers free trials before paying.
  5. The connection speed should be high enough in order not to frustrate you.
  6. Check out the tariffs and options for unlimited usage.

Spend enough time to make such research and you will not regret it.

OnlineSIM Proxies: Benefits

OnlineSIM has positively recommended itself on the proxy market. OnlineSIM:

  1. Has a high safety level.
  2. Works with 200+ operators and 100+ lands.
  3. Features happy client reviews.
  4. Gives free trial.
  5. Offers speedy connection.
  6. Has loyal tariffs.

Be assured that quality is the main characteristic of OnlineSIM.