The Siberian has set fire to acquaintance that he had been drinking with her husband: the punishment appointed court

a Resident of the Cherepanovsky district of the Novosibirsk region has failed to appeal the verdict of the district court: she went to the penitentiary for 4 years for arson of her husband’s friend.

— According to investigators, the woman, experiencing personal hostility to the victim and being with him in the evening on the street, intentionally threw at him a flammable liquid (a mixture of gasoline and petroleum oil). Then the intruder threw on the clothes of the victim lit a match. The conflict was caused by the drinking of the husband of the defendant and his friends, including the victim, spirits on the bench next to the house. Repeated attempts of the accused to stop drinking alcohol in a public place without success, — reported earlier in office of public Prosecutor of the Novosibirsk region.