The seizure of a hospital in Budennovsk: was it revenge Basayev

History 27/12/19 Photo: Natalia Medvedevthat hospital in Budennovsk: was it revenge Basayev

in the Summer of 1995, the leader of Chechen separatists Shamil Basayev made one of its most high-profile terrorist attacks, capturing the city hospital of Budyonnovsk over 1600 hostages. By their actions, the militants pursued a very definite purpose.

an Unexpected outcome

14 Jun 1995, a group of Chechen militants numbering up to 200 people, led by Shamil Basayev raided the streets and administrative buildings of the city of Budennovsk, Stavropol Krai, shooting indiscriminately, and seizing hostages. Those who refused to obey the terrorists immediately shot. The militants tried to resist the local forces of law and order, but almost all of them were killed. In the end, having collected about 1,600 hostages, the militants herded everyone to the city hospital.

contacting the Federal forces, Basayev has put forward two demands: end the war in Chechnya and start negotiations with the authorities of the President of the unrecognized Republic of Ichkeria Dzhokhar Dudayev. Moscow has taken a pause for reflection and in Budennovsk began to pull military forces and equipment. Early on the morning of 17 June the assault began hospital. The problem for the security forces was not only narrow corridors of the building, which were shot by bandits, but a human shield of the elderly, women and children, which they were covered. The commandos still managed to capture the first floor of the hospital and liberate the hostages.

the assault was impossible, as it represented a serious threat to civilians. are there the time has Come of the talks. The hospital building consisted of a group of persons, among whom were the Deputy of the State Duma of psychotherapist Anatoly Kashpirovsky. He became the chief negotiator. He managed to get from Basayev release of a large group of hostages including five pregnant women.

Nastasciwosci Kashpirovsky and possible psychotherapeutic abilities eventually convinced Basayev make the decision to transfer all remaining in the building hostage. Anatoly Mikhailovich even surprised by such a rapid change in the behavior of the terrorist. “Give?” — I asked him, still not quite believing in a successful solution to the complex and seemingly intractable situation. And, without waiting for confirmation of what he said, hastily added, “Well, take,” recalled these events, Deepak.

However, Basayev demanded the withdrawal of security forces and the negotiating table. In the absence of President Boris Yeltsin in connection with Basayev came Prime Minister Viktor Chernomyrdin authorized to decide such questions. At negotiations it was decided to send deputies of the state Duma, headed by the famous human rights defender Sergei Kovalev.

In the final document Basayev categorically refused to put his signature, as it was missing the main point of his demands – the cessation of the operation of the Federal forces in Chechnya and the status of the Republic. The bandits still provided seven buses on which they hundred of the hostages, and voluntarily joined them journalists, MPs and representatives of the administration of Budennovsk went in the direction of the Chechen village of Zandak. End point of the route all the hostages were released and the gunmen fled in an unknown direction. A total of six tragic days was the death of 129 people.

Hidden revenge

Why Basayev still released the hostages, if he has not received Moscow’s assurances that military action in Chechnya by the Federal forces will be terminated? Probably, here the point is the bass, which often changed previous decisions. You need to start from that original field commander did not plan to seize a hospital in Budyonnovsk. The participants in those events say that it was a spontaneous decision. Human rights activist Yuly Rybakov, who participated in the negotiations, argues that the original purpose of fighters was the airport in Mineral Waters.

But commando Konstantin Nikitin sure that the capture of the hospital was planned by a group of Basayev at least three months before the aforesaid events. According to him, the militants were helped by the representatives of the Chechen Diaspora who were brought to the basement of the hospital, ammunition, and before the storm quickly left the city. Basayev himself later admitted that he intended to lead his squad to Moscow as other ways to stop the war in Chechnya, he could not see. A barrier to this was lack of money that Basayev had intended to spend on bribing of road guards services. It is obvious that the head of Basayev matured all of the above plans. The hospital was a back-up option.

Do Basayev, who shot more than a hundred hostages, who previously and other terrorist attacks could expect that Moscow will go at it on occasion and stop the anti-terrorist operation? Perhaps the real background of his crimes – revenge, not an attempt to dictate terms to the authorities. The reason for it was. For example, the death of relatives at the hands of the feds in the village of Dyshne-Vedeno.

Basayev was always thinking about revenge. So, later in 2004, he wrote an open letter circulated through the sites of the Chechen separatists, which described the ways vengeance for the murder in Qatar of former President of the self-proclaimed Republic of Ichkeria Zelimkhan Yandarbiyev, as Basayev himself a native of teip “Yalkhoroy”.

However in relation to the events in Budyonnovsk Basayev never talked about revenge. All the questions of reporters, he replied: “it was necessary”. According to Rybakov, before finally the release of the hostages near the village of Zandak, he said: “I have treated you like a dog. So it turned out… But I had no other way, I had to save my people!”.

And later during the interview, commenting on the events in Budyonnovsk, Basayev replied that his only goal was to stop the war and save the people. He insisted that this was only a response to the actions of the Federalthose forces in Chechnya. In addition, Basayev claimed that Dzhokhar Dudayev was not aware of the impending operation in Budennovsk.

the End of a terrorist

In 2000, Russia could get rid of the terrorist No1. At the break of insurgents from Grozny Basayev stepped on a mine field, but it ended up only the amputation of his leg. Now his revenge has become even more bloody character – from was the mastermind of several high-profile terrorist attacks in 2002 in the theatrical center on Dubrovka, which was 174, in may 2004 the Grozny “Dynamo” stadium, in the cat killed the President of the Chechen Republic Akhmad Kadyrov and the worst in September 2004 in Beslan, which killed 314 people, among them 186 children.

security forces have not been able to lure Basayev in a trap: cunning action kept slipping away from the violence, sending in his stead, another, not ignoring the bait. In preparation for the liquidation of Basayev killed several operatives, but the main terrorist, eight times seven times wounded and contused, were unscathed.

According to the FSB, Shamil Basayev was eliminated in the night of 10 Julia 2006 near the village of Ekazhevo in Ingushetia. Field investigators managed to undermine the “KAMAZ” with the weapon and ammunition, which was accompanied by Basayev. According to some information, the force of the explosion was approximately 70 kg in a trotyl equivalent: it was enough that everything was near the truck exploded into small pieces.

the details of the operation, the security forces did not disclose. According to one version, the machine was destroyed by a guided missile, on the other, “KAMAZ” pre-mined one of basaevskih militants, who made a deal with the FSB, the rebels allege that Basayev died from a spontaneous detonation of explosives. The Director of the FSB from 1999 to 2008 Nikolay Patrushev reported that the elimination of Basayev, operatives prevented a terrorist attack planned by terrorists in mid-July at the summit “Big eight” in St. Petersburg.

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