History 17/01/20 “Secret war on the Soviet Union”: why do KGB officers were trained by the Sandinistas in Nicaragua

the Participation of Soviet troops in the fighting in Nicaragua against the contras remained in the shadow of the Afghan war, which ran in parallel. Moreover, the Soviet troops in a Latin American country was much less than in Afghanistan. However, employees of the Soviet Army for ten years fought for the socialist Sandinista government of Nicaragua.

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he Came to power in 1979, the Sandinista national liberation front declared socialist orientation, after which its leader Daniel Ortega visited Moscow, where a meeting with the Soviet leadership, according to Minister of foreign Affairs of the USSR Andrey Gromyko agreed on assistance from the Soviet Union. Was signed by the Soviet-Nicaraguan Treaty of friendship and cooperation.

the Soviet Union established the supply of weapons: anti-tank guns, howitzers, multiple rocket launchers BM-21, mortars, anti-aircraft installations, tanks T-55. The latter was particularly relevant, although by the time they were obsolete Soviet-era tanks in Nicaragua there were only three American light tank of world war II that was clearly inadequate in the face of the ensuing civil war with the “contras” who helped USA, Argentina, Israel. Help antisandinista forces went on the air and air defense organization was an urgent task, which decided to supply not only anti-aircraft quick-firing guns, but also portable missiles “ground-air”. The training of the Nicaraguan military was held under the leadership of the Soviet instructors.

By the end of 1987, the Sandinista defense had about 400 “ACK ACK” and more than 350 missiles “ground – air”.

aviation Nicaragua consisted of thirteen an-2, six an-26, forty MI-8/17 helicopters and a dozen MI-24. Supplies were also attended by other Soviet bloc countries, the cost of military supplies which reached $2 billion, About half were in the Soviet Union.

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Officially, the Soviet Union did not send in Nicaragua of their own soldiers and cadres of the KGB. Officers and conscripts were “legends” that they — the civilians who arrived in the country on the construction of the economy. The soldiers were “volunteers.”

21 may 1991 in the newspaper “Red star” the decision of the Ministry of defense of the USSR published a list of countries, which operated the Soviet “soldiers-internationalists”, including was provided to Nicaragua, where he visited 688 soldiers from the Union. The years: 1980-1990. Participants in undeclared wars equated to veterans of the great Patriotic war decision of the government dated June 30, 1989.

However, back to the jungle of Nicaragua. Here, Soviet instructors taught the Nicaraguans the treatment of Soviet technology, techniques of sabotage and guerrilla warfare. By the way, first Sandinista trained saboteurs in the Crimea, on the basis of special forces at the saddle, but then decided that to prepare the staff on the ground will be easier, cheaper and safer. KGB officers were trained local “security officers” confrontation “contras” and their agents.

Nicaragua became for the Soviet military and scientists testing ground to collect data on the influence of tropical climate on the body. In particular, in the country under the guise of “Komsomol construction brigades” to participate in the collection arrived cadets of military schools, including — selected for service in the GRU. In the fighting, “members of the Komsomol” were not involved, the coffee is not collected, but it held an approved program of physical and psychological stress in the tropics. In addition to direct climatic break-in, the students became a valuable source of data for further analysis by doctors and scientists.

All aspects of the Soviet military in Nicaragua was engaged in the 10th Main Directorate of the General staff of the USSR armed forces, hiding behind the symbol “/h 44708”, to which were assigned all Soviet troops operating in Nicaragua.

Soviet personnel left the country in 1990, once in February, the Sandinistas were defeated in free and fair elections.

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